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  1. MagnusTS

    Electric Beer Dispenser

    My lad is looking at buying one of these so that he and his mates can dispense cold beer...
  2. MagnusTS

    Anyone got one of these wort chillers?

    I'm fed up of trying to cool my brews in a sink of cold water and ice. Thought I'd get myself a wort chiller. Does anyone have one of these Benco ones from Amazon? The seller seems pretty good, happy to adjust dimensions to suit. Any recommendations or advice much appreciated...
  3. MagnusTS

    Cider from real apples vs cider from supermarket juice

    Do you think the end result tastes the same?
  4. MagnusTS

    How to brew lagers?

    Does anyone have an idiot's guide to brewing lagers with bottom fermenting yeast? Or can anyone point me to a thread on this? I've got my brew fridge working and am thinking of trying a lager. But just trying to get my head around how to do it. What fermentation temperature and time; do you...
  5. MagnusTS


    Has anyone managed to get hold of a PS5 this weekend?
  6. MagnusTS

    Can Tube Heaters be Installed Vertically?

    The instructions for my little 1ft tube heater for my fermentation fridge say 'must be installed horizontally'. It would fit my fridge better if i could install vertically up the side of the fridge. What do you think? Would it be dangerous to install it vertically?
  7. MagnusTS

    6L Fruit Press for Sale

    Selling my almost new fruit press. £30. Pick up from North Leeds It's a 6L one from Woodside. Includes straining bag. Nice compact size, but can do enough juice for a 4.5L batch of cider in 2 presses. Been used twice. It works great, but selling as my other half has just bought a juicer, which...
  8. MagnusTS

    How to plug a tap hole in a fermenter?

    I bought a new mini-sized FV (10L) to go on my new mini-sized fermentation fridge. Unfortunately the hole for the tap has already been drilled, and the FV will not fit in the fridge with a tap on it. What's the best way to plug the tap hole? Just stick a bung in it? Any ideas? Anyone seen...
  9. MagnusTS

    SS Brewtech 13L Brew Bucket Mini

    Does anyone have any advice about the Brewtech fermenters, especially the 13L mini-bucket? I'm looking for a small fermenter, and had been thinking about the 13L mini-bucket. But then I read some reviews that said it was a little disappointing that there were no handles on the mini-bucket, and...
  10. MagnusTS

    Grain suppliers

    Where are you getting your grains from? What's best for value and postage? I've seen the thread about Crafty Maltsters, which looks great for 25Kg sacks of base malt. But what about speciality malts? Thinking maybe 1 - 2 Kg of odds and ends for recipes. Where do you think best, without massive...
  11. MagnusTS

    Elderflower wine from ambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla ?

    Can you make Elderflower and Elderberry wine from the porphyrophylla species of elderflower. This is the one with pink flowers and very dark leaves.
  12. MagnusTS

    Where are you getting your yeast from?

    Where is everyone getting their yeast from at the moment? I normally get mine from Crossmyloof, but they are closed for lockdown.
  13. MagnusTS

    Grainfather Connect for sale

    Very sad to have to get rid of this lovely bit of kit, but we are downsizing and don't have storage anymore. So I am selling my Grainfather Connect, and maybe going back to small scale stovetop brews. I am having pangs of regret as I type this. It will be three years old next month (bought...
  14. MagnusTS

    Free stuff for brewers in Leeds area

    Free to Forum members as thanks for all the advice you've given me over the years. I'm having a garage clear out, and I've got a few bits and pieces of brewing gear to get rid of to make space. I was going to sell this stuff on eBay or Gumtree for a few quid, but to be perfectly honest I can't...
  15. MagnusTS

    500ml flip tops at Aldi

    Aldi Special Buys section have these two German beers in brown flip top bottles. Weinachtsbier und Das Helle (das bier für jeden Tag) £1.99 each. I don't know what the beer is like, but I'm going to grab a few for the bottles.
  16. MagnusTS

    For sale - Grainfather Whirlpool and Aeration Brewing Paddle

    Anyone interested in buying this Grainfather Whirlpool and Aeration Brewing Paddle? They are £22.80 from The Home Brew Shop. £10 to anyone in Leeds area who can pick it up. I could post, but paddle length means postage will be about £7 ish, so probably a deal breaker. It works great, I've...
  17. MagnusTS

    grain got left outside - is it ruined?

    My brand new 25Kg bag of Maris Otter was left outside for a few days in the damp. Long story, but it involved my 17 year old son, and a house party while I was away. Will it be ruined? It doesn't look too damp (the grain at the top of the bag at any rate). How will I know if it is ruined, what...
  18. MagnusTS

    Safe to dry hop with homegrown hops?

    Just wondering what other growers do? Am I OK to just dump 40g of homegrown hops into my FV? I've previously only ever used homegrown hops in the boil, and I had a sudden panic about putting un-sterile hops in my beer.
  19. MagnusTS

    Been away for a little while

    I've had a little break from the forum, and from brewing. But now I am back. ...with plenty more dumb questions for you helpful forum members. Cheers everyone. Magnus
  20. MagnusTS

    5L FV headspace query

    I'm planning on doing some mini-brews, and bought a 5L FV bucket from Ballihoo. I was going to scale recipes down to 5L to make about 9 or 10 500ml bottles. BUT... the headspace on my bucket is very very small if I was to do a 5L brew. Not sure if you can make it out in the attached but it is...