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  1. stigman

    Need help with 100% brett ipa

    I brewed this beer last 3 weeks ago with just brett claussenii I did a 500ml starter then 1.5l that dropped clear with a good amount of visable yeast in the bottom of my flask. I've not seen much from airlock but had obvious pressure on the lid and the beer dropped clear just as the starter did...
  2. stigman

    Still cider storage?

    I've have my first attempt at cider currently fermenting away, but unsure of how I'm Gona age it all. I have about 35 litres or so, and don't want to bottle it all. Question 1.can I fill a corni seal with say 20psi and leave at ambient temp (no room in kegerator) then just chill and serve when...
  3. stigman

    Are you sure this is a west coast ipa?

    I had to laugh today. Went shopping with SWMBO and the kids, and as you do I sloped off taking my littlle lad for a drink 😉 (letting her have some proper shopping time with the girls) . We Went to mobberly brew house bar In Stockport decent looking selection on the boards so I went for half a...
  4. stigman

    July comp and it's freestyle!

    July is creeping up on us allready so I'll start this thread of now. As it's freestyle anything goes. It could be a mild, a stout or a triple dry hoped chocolate marshmallow chilli porter brewed with kveik @75° then bretted and aged on some exotic fruit I've never heard of. I'll do my best to...
  5. stigman

    What to brew with 3kg of free hops

    I came home from HB club Christmas party rather drunk and a bag full of hops. Duno what to brew now, I have a starter on of wlp001 Malts in stock tons of marris otter. Crystal 150 EBC 500g Caramunich 2 600g Dextrin malt 272g Caramalt 500g Carafa3 500g Hops in stock 1kg 2016 belma alpha? Never...
  6. stigman

    Imperial pilsner?

    After buying a sack of Belgian pilsner malt to brew my two previous beers, a duvel type golden strong and a Belgian ipa. I'm now stuck with a half sack of malt I don't know what to do with. Anyone got any ideas oh! and it needs to be 7% plus, I don't get much time to brew these days so it's gota...
  7. stigman

    Wlp570 please hurry up n finish

    I brewed a duvel type thing two weeks ago and want to pitch a Belgian ipa onto the yeast cake, problem is its still slowly chugging away and I go on holiday for a week on Friday that will be 3 weeks 4 in fv if I leave it till I get back. The Golden strong had a lot of candi sugar as is norm for...
  8. stigman

    2 days in Brussels what should I do and drink?

    I'm of to Brussels for the first time in a few weeks, going with a mate from work. I'm sure a few of you must have been. any must visit bars and restaurants? I'm Gona try and get to cantillon obviously.
  9. stigman

    September comp American pale ales

    I forgot all about this one posting here to get more views, drop me a pm if you want to enter. Good luck fellas. https://www.thehomebrewforum.co.uk/threads/september-comp-american-pale-ales.78723/ .
  10. stigman

    September comp American pale ales

    Hi chaps I totally forgot all about this until I just received a pm. If you want in drop me a message. And good luck
  11. stigman

    That enzyme stuff works

    Brewed the splash of brut ipa kit from malt Miller went from 1.056 to 0.998, according to Brewers friend that's 104% attenuation and 0 calories should help the beer belly a little.
  12. stigman

    "You won't get one of those in ere"

    I had to tell you guys this one, my missus went for a drink in wethers the other day with a few of her friends. Now I know I'm always talking about beer to her, and making her try all sorts of different beers I make and buy in. So she's become quite educated on the subject. But what I didnt tell...
  13. stigman

    A splash of brut

    Just received an order from malt Miller and went for there brut ipa recipe kit I'm scratching my head how I'm Gona get 23l @1.056 with so little grain, surely this is a mistake
  14. stigman

    Homebrew p#*s up in a brewery anyone?

    Manchester homebrew expo next sunday http://manchesterhomebrew.co.uk/manchester-homebrew-expo-2018/ I'm a little nervous, Gona be serving my beer to the general public for the first time. Should be fun though.
  15. stigman

    Place your bets will it fit in my tun

    Brewing a barley wine today pushing the limits of my tun I think. 10.9kg in my 10us gallon cooler.
  16. stigman

    Brett dregs in American barley wine

    Hi chaps my next brew is Gona be the Greg Hugh's American barley wine. I was thinking about splitting the batch into 3 gallons straight up bottled then 2 gallons in dj's with the dregs from this buxton tsar Bomba and some oak chunks. How should I go about stepping it up, and how much oak would...
  17. stigman

    Got my first piece of shiny shiny!

    It only a mash paddle but this might be a slippery slope
  18. stigman

    What was my OG?

    I am trying to work out what the original gravity of my mead was. Done a few sums and with 4 jars of honey I had 1101g of sugar in a gallon dj. I'm stuck now anybody know how to calculate this?
  19. stigman

    Stigman's lemony brewday

    I thought i would show you a few pics from my new years eve brewday. I nicked the recipe from Adam@baldys brewery (slightly tweaked) I've no idea where this is going to finish he got 1.070 I watered down to 24.5L still had 1.086. Oh well I like em strong hic! Recipe- lemon meringue pie 3kg...
  20. stigman

    Who poisoned hoddy

    C'mon hands up one of us must have killed him, he's not been on since judging the comp. 😁