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  1. Dellboy78lfc

    Tap shanks

    Hi, hopefully not a silly question, but currently building a coffin top keezer and plan to use the 100mm shanks with John guest fittings behind my faucets. I’m assuming 100mm is the total length of the whole thing? What is the maximum coffin wall thickness you can comfortably pass these shanks...
  2. Dellboy78lfc

    Brewdog book bargain

    Just in case anyone is interested, I just picked up the Brewdog craft beer for the people book in Sainsbury’s for £1. Bargain!
  3. Dellboy78lfc

    Brewing elements series

    Yeast, Malt, Hops, Water...So, which order do I read these bad boys in?
  4. Dellboy78lfc

    Oatmeal Stout

    Going to have a first go at an oatmeal stout now the days are drawing in. I keg my beers (I’m used to brewing ipa and pale ales) and just wanted to check the sort of carbonation levels I should be aiming at for this beer? I’m guessing a bit less than I’m used to...And would it be a case of just...
  5. Dellboy78lfc

    Disproportionately Hopped - James Morton

    I’ve heard good things about this beer on the forum so thought I’d try it. It’s only the second recipe I’ve tried from James Mortons ‘Brew’ but I’ve noticed with both of them the IBU calculations are a world apart from what Brewfather calculates when you add the recipe. The hopstand additions...
  6. Dellboy78lfc

    Voss Kveik off flavours?

    I did my first kveik brew a few days ago using Sigmund Voss. It went off like a rocket as expected and held at around 35°. I took a sample yesterday and am a bit worried by the flavour... very estery but funky almost sour. Not sure I like it! Is this normal? Will it clear up? Or do I have an...
  7. Dellboy78lfc

    New recipe help

    I have put a recipe together and was hoping to run it past the homebrew forum before brewing it. Hopefully the link here should work. What do you think? Pazy Hale Ale - JD Brewfather
  8. Dellboy78lfc

    Palmer - How to brew- latest version

    This may have been asked before but as the owner of the (I think) 3rd edition of How To Brew, I was wondering if it was worth my while purchasing the latest version or saving my money and putting it towards another brewing book that I don’t have? Thoughts?
  9. Dellboy78lfc

    James Morton Oatmeal Extra Pale

    Having a crack at this next, has anyone else done this one? Entered the recipe into Brewfather but even though my hops have slightly lower AA% than in the book, the IBU’s are coming out at something like 65 which is miles more than the book says. Just wanted to hear other people’s experiences...
  10. Dellboy78lfc

    Corny keg won’t seal....

    Just bought a reconditioned corny keg from the homebrew company, and I can’t get the lid to seal shut at anything less than 15psi. They weren’t much help when I emailed them, their argument being that it was tested and sent out under pressure. That’s fair enough but the time it took to...
  11. Dellboy78lfc

    Dark Star Hophead

    Does anyone have a good recipe for a clone of Dark Star Hophead? It’s the father in law’s favourite pint and would love to be able to make some for him. Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Dellboy78lfc

    CRS instead of lactic acid

    Using Brewfather for my next brew, it is saying to put 0.12ml of lactic acid in my sparge water. I have some CRS that I was hoping to use instead but I don’t know if I need to alter the amount I need to use?
  13. Dellboy78lfc

    Carbonation conundrum

    I kegged my first brew a few weeks ago and have had it hooked up in the shed at around 12-14psi. Tried a bit last week and carbonation was fine. Had another sample last night and it tasted almost flat. I cranked the co2 up to 20psi and I’m hoping that will sort it... but any suggestions would be...
  14. Dellboy78lfc

    Thoughts on this NEIPA recipe please...

    I’ve been playing about with a recipe and would really appreciate some feedback from those more knowledgable. Any thoughts or recommendations would be great. Thanks
  15. Dellboy78lfc

    Lowering abv

    This may be a silly question. Is it too late to add cooled boiled water to a fermented beer before kegging and carbing to lower the abv a little? I reckon my beer is around 5.8% which is a little stronger than I was hoping for, as it was supposed to be being drunk all day at Christmas!
  16. Dellboy78lfc

    Tiny Rebel - Easy Livin’ Pale

    If anyone has a clone recipe for this beer, it would be much appreciated....!
  17. Dellboy78lfc

    Another water question....!

    I must apologise for yet another question about water, but here it is... I called Affinity water and got a water report for my area. I have everything on it that I need, except there is no mention of magnesium. So when I put all this into the water calculator and left the magnesium box empty...
  18. Dellboy78lfc

    Bottled water

    I’ve just been entering some figures from some bottled water into the water calculator as I’m thinking of using it instead of my tap water. I have figures for calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphate and chloride, but instead of any total alkalinity/carbonate figures I just have a Ph value of 6.2...
  19. Dellboy78lfc

    Amarillo Single Hop Ale - Greg Hughes

    I’ve decided to have a crack at this recipe and am sourcing my ingredients. With regards to the hops the book uses Amarillo 5% but the hop pellets I can get are 9.1%. How do I adjust the amounts to stay true to the book?
  20. Dellboy78lfc

    Jon Finch - House Pale

    Has anyone tried the Jon Finch House Pale APA kit from The Malt Miller? Is it any good? Thinking a kit is probably the best thing for my first all grain brew, but want to get a good one!