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  1. HeavensBrew

    Burned Beer - BIAB with a PECO boiler

    I was making an ale yesterday and could smell a burnt smell during the boil in my Peco boiler. I completed the boil anyway and transferred to the FV anyway. I was using the BIAB system and running a 75 min boil of my wort in a peco boiler (a peco is basically an FV with a heating element and a...
  2. HeavensBrew

    Galaxy Hop Replacement

    My latest order arrived... but they won't have have any Galaxy hops for a few months. So I could do with some advice on using what I have for my next recipe: A Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale. It has 50g of Simcoe and 50g of Amarillo at the end of the boil. For the final 3 days of fermentation I...
  3. HeavensBrew

    Chocolate Ingredients for a Stout

    I need some assistance with chocolate… I have a recipe for Youngs Double Chocolate Stout from The Big Book Of Clones (I can type it up if that helps). However, there’s an ingredient that I can’t source here. 591ml/20fl.oz of Cholaca Liquid – The recipe fails to mention when this is added, but...
  4. HeavensBrew

    Conditioning at 12C or 4C... Whats the difference?

    I have 2 books of recipes. The first is 'The Big Book of Clone Recipes' and it does not mention a thing about post-fermentation temperatures. The other is 'Home Brew Beer; and that is specific about the post fermentation/conditioning temperature for every recipe. Lacking a fermentation fridge...
  5. HeavensBrew

    Wort Chiller - Is it really necessary?

    My 3rd question of the day. I don't have a wort chiller and have been avoiding the purchase (as I may go from my current set-up to a hopcat or similar). I just let the beer cool naturally before pitching the year the following morning. Is this a fundamental mistake and I either need to get a...
  6. HeavensBrew

    Conditioning - Definition

    I have the book 'Home Brew Beer' by Greg Hughes and the definition of conditioning raises questions for me about natural carbonation. My understanding was that I add the priming sugar to the bottles/keg and then allow a couple of weeks at the same temperature as the fermentation process...
  7. HeavensBrew

    Low ABV Grumpy Troll

    As my 3rd attempt at all grain brewing using BIAB, I decided to try the Grumpy Troll Belgian IPA. The recipe was from the book 'Big Book of Clone Recipes'. It should be a whopping 9.2% ABV, but I ended up with 5.8%. I had adjusted quantities for BIAB and and a 10l rather than a 19L batch. Where...
  8. HeavensBrew

    Does a keg spoil after you have drawn the odd glass?

    I only have small 5L stainless steal kegs (DarkFarm's), but I don't drink a lot. My question is whether the beer spoils once it has increased head space (drawn a pint or 2) and if there is a rule-of-thumb on how quickly an opened keg should be consumed? PS. Don't have this issue when it's...
  9. HeavensBrew

    Can you over-carbonate a keg?

    I have an issue with storing bottled beers at a cold enough temperature and that leads to over-carbonation if not kept in the fridge. That's fine, but it makes the 2nd fridge a limiting factor. I had accepted this, but then had a thought over the weekend..... Keg spears have a pressure release...
  10. HeavensBrew

    Help - First Full Grain BIAB and I have low OG

    First attempt at a full grain recipe using BIAB... and I have learned a few lessons. I was trying to make a Kona BIg Wave Clone today, but I have discovered my OG is only 1.032. I would have expected 1.040 or more. So....should I 1) Continue as it stands? Will I end up with super low ABV? 2)...
  11. HeavensBrew

    Flameout hops

    I know that flameout hops means a hop addition added when you take the wort off the boil. You leave the hops in the wort until you have cooled the wort enough to add your yeast. However.......what if you do not use a wort chiller? Some people also have better wort chillers than others and so...
  12. HeavensBrew

    Clarify Beer with.....Oats

    By chance, I had a short conversation with the brewer for a microbrewery and pub. I asked about how they clarify beer and he stated that they simply add some rolled oats(porridge/oatmeal) to the grain bill. They id not use Irish Moss Whirlflock tablets or anything else. However, he did not...
  13. HeavensBrew

    Fridge or Freezer?

    Which is better for your homebrew set up; Fridge or Freezer? I'm not looking to build a keezer, so this is about temperature control during fermenting and spare capacity for keeping beer cold. Perhaps cold crashing, but I have lot's to learn and so I believe there will be important points that...
  14. HeavensBrew

    Bouncer - Natural Carbonation

    Anyone have any experience of using the Bouncer and if it is okay with natural carbonation? I used a Bouncer filter for the first time on my last batch of beer and It did a great job for the filtering. However, it came out undercarbonated. I used the interim mesh (not the standard). I only...
  15. HeavensBrew

    Hand Grain Mill

    The specialised grain mills are pretty pricey and I came across a video of a guy used a cheap hand grain mill (which be modified for a grain hopper and an electric drill). It was this sort of mill Home Cast Iron Corn Mill Grinder Manual Hand Crank Grains Oats Coffee Nuts UK | eBay Anyone have...
  16. HeavensBrew

    How many packs of dried yeast?

    For a full grain 23L batch, how many packs of dried yeast should I use? I've heard people say use 2, but I wonder if that would be for a larger batch.
  17. HeavensBrew

    PureBrew Starbrite and Britewort.... or just a whirlflock tablet?

    I'm putting together an order with GetErBrewed for my first all grain recipes (Big Book of Clone Recipes) and would appreciate some advice. I will probably start with BIAB while improving my set-up. My part-mash endeavors were with kits from Dark Rock Brewing and they always include PureBrew...
  18. HeavensBrew

    Is Liquid Yeast Better?

    I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but her it goes again.... Dried yeast is cheaper (if you don't harvest and reuse) and stores easier than liquid. So why use liquid yeast? Is the beer really that much better?
  19. HeavensBrew

    Priming 5l Kegs vs bottles

    Just got a couple of 5l kegs set up and will be filling them (and bottles) in about a weeks time. My recipe would normally use 100g of dextrose for priming for carbonation in bottles only, but what about kegs? Do you do everything the same? Do you prime the kegs with half the dextrose and...
  20. HeavensBrew

    Carbonating in the keg

    I'm getting closer to ordering some 5l kegs with a dispensing system, but my research has raised other questions.... I had understood that you get a better beer when it is is carbonated with CO2 rather than with sugar in the bottle. However, it seems that some people add sugar to the keg to...