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  1. F00b4r

    Wanted: BAC Springer for 20L Braumeister

    Anyone have a BAC Springer for 20L Braumeister they want to sell?
  2. F00b4r

    For sale: 20L sankey slim keg

    I have a 20L slimline Sankey keg from Crusader for sale. It has an S spear with the safety device removed, a good thing in my opinion as Brew UK are now only selling them with the spears pre-installed and the safety devices can vary from ones that you can disengage with a 5p to ones that it does...
  3. F00b4r

    Gas management board

    3 way (all independent primary regulators) Britvic gas management board for sale. I have two gas management boards so am rationalising my gear and buying some 11L corny kegs, I have used this with the gas permanently on and experienced no leaks. It also includes the high pressure hose needed to...
  4. F00b4r

    GetErBrewed Question and Answer thread.

    EDIT: this has been split from the original thread I posted in by the mods so now reads a bit differently. It did stop the original thread getting polluted and attempts at burying posts by posting updates though :P Seems they don't want my money no matter how hard I try! I enquired 10 days ago...
  5. F00b4r

    Empty starsan bottle wanted

    I have a huge bottle of Starsan and a Malt Miller repackaged one, neither of which is particularly easy to just measure some out from. Does anyone have or about to have an empty one of the type where you just squeeze to the level like shown below? I will of course pay postage or collect if you...
  6. F00b4r

    Beer/wine crates

    I have 21 crates for sale in the NE3 area of Newcastle. They are all identical, really strong, stackable, tall enough to hold wine or beer bottles and will hold 12 bottles each. £10 buys you 3 of them. Any questions feel free to ask.
  7. F00b4r

    4 Brand new secondary regulators with JG fittings

    I bought these a couple of months ago when I was collecting the items for my kegerator but have now decided to go a slightly different route. They have brackets, shut off valves, each comes with 3 brand new 3/8 speedfit fittings and have blue hexagon collars (denoting a 2020 date for retest)...
  8. F00b4r

    Brewing fridge (NE3)

    My brewing fridges seem to be multiplying so getting rid of the smaller one. I have a pretty old standard size under the counter fridge with its shelves and a couple of wooden slats for holding the FV. It isn't the newest fridge and the seal is a bit knackered but i bleached the heck out it when...
  9. F00b4r

    108 25L food safe containers

    These look a bargain if you are nearby: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271722991237 Ironically they have been used for finings in a brewery and are food safe so would be perfect for no chill etc..
  10. F00b4r

    20% off coupon for Nisbets

    Use "XMAS20" to get a further 20% discount. Useful for those looking for electric boilers or induction hobs (the 3000W one is currently reduced).