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  1. simon12

    Is there something special about boiling?

    Just wondering if there is something special about the water boiling when brewing or cooking or to ask it another way if you are brewing or cooking at an altitude where water boils at 85C would the resulting beer or food be the same as if you did the boil or cooked at 85C at sea level when the...
  2. simon12

    Car insurance offer to low? Anyone had experience in this

    I have finally been offered £2800 for my car being written off (up from there original offer of £2500). Its a 2004 Skoda Fabia VRS with only 71000 miles and I was the second owner from new. £2800 doesn't sound bad for a car that old but there are none for sale in the country with less than...
  3. simon12

    Pubs post COVID

    Just wondered what anyone's thoughts are. Do you think the pubs near you will reopen? Will the same customers be back? How many do you think could close permanently? Are the old regulars desperate to go back or have they got used to not going and found alternatives? Is it going to be...
  4. simon12

    2004 Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 130bhp Diesel vs 2016 Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 123bhp petrol

    I wouldn't bother posting this except @Chippy_Tea indicated he was making a similar switch in the electric car thread I thought I would give my summary of the difference. I have had the skoda since 2008 and the fiesta for a day. So 1st the paper difference is: BHP 0-60 MPG...
  5. simon12

    No hop flavour or bitterness

    Just tried my 1st brew in a few years, it was supposed to be a very bitter hop bomb. My main worry was it would be to over hopped and overly bitter but theres no hop flavour or bitterness. The only flavour in the finished beer from hops is a bit of a planty/leafy taste with little to no...
  6. simon12

    15x5litr mini kegs free, collection only from TN8 5AU Edenbridge kent

    At least 15 minikegs the 5 litre metal type you get hobgoblin in supermarkets in. Collection only they are used ones from 3 local breweries and have not been cleaned. PM me for no to arrange collection.
  7. simon12

    Cyclist and fire truck who's at fault

    Here's the video Opinions range from “It was on purpose. The driver did that on purpose. He was trying to kill that bike rider! It’s so obvious when you know what to look for. We see this sort of thing every single day. The driver has no excuse, he knows he has a blind spot and he should...
  8. simon12

    Pressure slowly creeps up, faulty regulator?

    I am using a kegerator to dispense commercial kegs, its worked fine for ages until now. About lockdown time the CO2 ran out a few weeks ago I cleaned the lines changed the kegs and connected a new CO2 cylinder, the cylinder had a tap I could barely turn and I could only get it slightly open...
  9. simon12


    This is where I am now picture from yesterday in the building you can see the roof above the tree just to the right of the middle. Again behind the tree on the right
  10. simon12

    Rights and wrongs of the gig economy deliveroo etc

    Just wondered what you all think of people basically working for an app on a self employed basis and no rights to minimum wage, sick or holiday pay but they can work when they want as hard as they want and get paid based on how much they do. I have never done it and likely never will and don't...
  11. simon12

    Space as in where the moon is

    I don't know anything about this but occasionally watch YouTube vids by this guy and used to think how do so many new things get discovered about space 2-3 times a week but every time I google anything he makes a vid about it seems they do, so just though i'd post his latest in case anyone's...
  12. simon12

    What goes on in politics and social media

    Sorry this is just a shout out to this guy who does a great weekly update in my opinion he is defiantly conservative leaning so please be warned i'm not saying he is neutral or anything but I generally agree with him and here is his latest
  13. simon12

    Spongebob Squarepants promotes ‘violent and racist’ colonialism

    Sorry just had to share this article https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/spongebob-squarepants-violent-racist-colonialism-professor-holly-m-barker-a9153976.html The world really has gone mad.
  14. simon12

    Anyone interested in a home brew club based around Secret Cask Edenbridge?

    As the title says is anyone interested in monthly meet ups, bottle swaps, setting up &/or using a brewery here, group buys, home brew demonstrations etc. Any other ideas or suggestions welcome. There are 2 train stations one on the Redhill - Tonbridge line and the other having direct trains to...
  15. simon12

    Secret Cask Micro Pub Edenbridge

    Since i'm now a sponsoring member here's whats going on here. I'm at 91 High Street, Edenbridge TN8 5AU close to where Kent Sussex and Surrey meet. Outside Ever changing casks and kegs Cider and wine Bottles and cans
  16. simon12

    What to do about false bad tripadvisor review

    I noticed this review of my micropub a month ish ago an have ignored it as I get in a bad mood thinking about it but I still keep getting in a bad mood about it anyway. So here's what happened a guy called Rob (who wrote the review) came in occasionally with various different people, he always...
  17. simon12

    Some bargain pubs for sale in Kent

    Just thought i'd share as I would be very tempted to sell my house and get one of these if I hadn't opened secret cask. Its so much building for the money and I recon you could easily fit a micro brewery into either. I have not researched the areas at all but thought I would share in case any...
  18. simon12

    Cask beer life extender

    I just put this together the idea is the brass part (supplied by Mike C thank you again) goes where a spile would normally go and CO2 leaving the cask would be captured in the bag which is from a 10L cider bag in box (I will upgrade it to a 20 if it works) the other tap can be used either to let...
  19. simon12

    My kegerator build

    This is what I made about a month ago but only just found the cable for my camera Being used commercially dispensing from 2 30L sankey kegs. Fridge was £27 on Ebay. I just did a rough estimation and set the fridge to 4C and pressure to 10PSI and it pours everything perfectly. The 2 main...
  20. simon12

    Certain beers don't travel well, is there any truth in this.

    Have heard various people talk of how some beers don't travel well, mainly talking about cask beers but I can't think of any good reasons why this would be. Especially as the conversation normally refers to a few specific beers suggesting many do travel OK. So my thoughts are travel shakes it...