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  1. NPi

    Equipment recommendations

    As a new years resolution I'm wanting to get into measuring all parts of my brewday, including my water adjustments. Before this point the only adjustments I have made is half a Campden tablet the night before. Which treatments would you recommend to buy, in which quantities? What should I...
  2. NPi

    South Cheshire Bottle Swap

    @DavidB @DavidT @cjibbo @Falco @Obadiah Boondoggle @PhilBrew @Falco @chopps @GeorgieV All Tried mailing a couple of you separately, as well as adding you all to a single message thread (too many recipients unfortunately), to see if there is any interest in taking part in a bottle swap...
  3. NPi

    Super Pale Ale Malt

    Has anyone any experience of this malt in a beer, either one they have brewed themselves, or commercially? From the Muntons guide (too big to post file!), along with Pilzner and lager for comparison:
  4. NPi

    Pub tomorrow?

    Will you be going to the pub tomorrow, with or without a substantial meal?
  5. NPi

    Best drink drunk?

    For nothing further than my inquisitive mind, please describe to me the best drink you have drunk. I don't really care for the drink generally, but rather the specific "one". Why was this one specific drink special That beer you ordered in a bar somewhere without knowing what it was, but can...
  6. NPi

    Schwarzbier yeast

    Hoping for some opinion (and you guys have that in no short supply, what are your thoughts on s23 vs M84. I have a litre of M84 slurry put into the fridge at bottling yesterday, or a healthy starter of S23, started earlier this week. I'm wanting a more crisp, less malty, not so hoppy beer, if...
  7. NPi

    Top of the crops...

    Excuse the misleading title, it always help to rise the eyebrow of the majority of members. I recently stumbled across a informal study here, that suggests removing krausen can limit hop utilisation. Which isn't in its self surprising, however, it also suggests that in a test this was perseaved...
  8. NPi

    "Over 100 free recipes" - worth a look

    Found a link to a website that's compiled a few free recipes from breweries, that may be of interest to some. The majority of claim of it being over 100 comes Brewdog, but a few are worth a look Enjoy: https://beermaverick.com/over-100-commercial-beer-clone-recipes-from-the-breweries-themselves/
  9. NPi

    Something new - suggestions please

    All I'm need of some help, I'm wanting to use up my stores, try something different and make a half decent beer. I'm looking for something with a bit of colour, few hop types as possible, but happy for fair side quantities. Batch size about 20l All measurements are by eye, but I can always...
  10. NPi

    Recipe deadline looming!

    I had a brew day planned for tomorrow morning (10am!), but seem not to have ordered half the hops I need. Now I only realised this whilst trying to weigh out my ingredients. Can anyone suggest a good hop schedule or alternative additions I might be able to use. I was originally making a west...
  11. NPi

    Stockport - 2nd hand Grainfather Connect

    Posted recently, wants £500, comes with lots of add ons. Looks like it includes a Keezer, taps, ink bird etc. Find it on Facebook market place.
  12. NPi

    Topless, or top on?

    Excuse the intentionally sensational title. I recently read that boiling wort with a lid on can have unwanted side effects (DMS?), however till this point I've had no issue. Now I know that's not a good enough excuse not to listen to reason, but I want to hear other people's opinions. So how...
  13. NPi

    Pot, kettle, tap?

    I've recently acquired a 50l stainless steel pot and am looking at installing a tap. Some how lifting the loaded pot off the hob doesn't fill me with confidence. I've bought this tap...
  14. NPi


    With all this hot weather you'll probably be wanting some nice smooth and sweet sorbet to take the edge off (if a cold beer hasn't done so already!). If you've never made it before it's incredibly easy. I made both raspberry and a lemon sorbet last night in half hour whilst cleaning the...
  15. NPi

    Every last drop!

    Unsure as to whether people currently do this, whether it's a waste of time, or something else entirely, but on my latest brew day I *think* I may have found an easy way to increase efficiency when using BIAB. Whilst sparging I open the bag and pummel, squeeze and generally touture the grain...
  16. NPi

    Bottle art - I want to see your best homemade labels

    I've recently started designing labels for my brews and want to see some to aspire to. Some of my recent attempts below: This was a blonde ale that turned out a lot darker, hence the Brunette. I also used the Prince Raspberry Barrett artwork for inspiration. Attempt 2 at the raspberry...
  17. NPi

    Aldi DIY hop socks

    I noticed whilst out on my recent shopping trip Aldi are now offering reusable draw string fruit bags. They are only 25p each and look a great cheap hop sock substitute. I normally have to reuse my kettle bag to dry hop, but hoping this will make an easy alternative. Has anyone tried them...
  18. NPi

    NPi Brewday

    Hello I am sure this has been asked a number of times, or is so basic it barely worth the thought, but for a SMaSH brew do I need additional fermentables, and how much would I need to prime post brew? I am attempting Clibits recipe as below (10l version). If it helps I have some light spray...
  19. NPi

    Local hops

    Hello Can any one suggest any guides that may help to identify what type of hops grow locally to me. There are two fairly large sized bushes I am wanting to harvest from come summer. With some extra time on my hands now (thanks lock down!), I am wanting to plan brews around these hops. Any...
  20. NPi

    Goodbye EU - 2 nights in Brussels

    Evening all I am (hoping, as long as this virus does not cancel it) spending a long weekend in Brussels late September and looking for a few recommendations re brewery and beer tours. I am aware Stella Artois and Leffe are close by (worth it?) along with lots more less commercial more local...