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  1. rocketman_k

    Asking for some donations for my Dad's fundraising efforts

    Hi All, First I want to make it clear I have asked the admins and they have given me permission to post this. I nearly lost my 90 year old dad a few weeks ago but he made a remarkable recovery and is now back home from hospital but very weak and a bit depressed. To pick himself up and help...
  2. rocketman_k

    Advice needed to re-create "David's Beer"

    I’ve recently returned to home brewing after a long absence and have only used kits so far. I want to re-create a family beer recipe that has not been brewed for about 40 years and as a novice I’m having trouble interpreting some parts of the recipe. (There is a mixture of imperial and metric...
  3. rocketman_k

    Hello from the Cambridgeshire fens!

    I’ve just returned to home brewing after a long absence (decades). I also used to make cider but in recent years only apple juice (unfermented!) Our house was once a pub (Pub closed in the early 1900s) so it seems appropriate to be making beer here (Although it’s “coals to Newcastle” in a way...
  4. rocketman_k

    Vinotex Lager yeast tablets: Recreating a 40 year old recipe

    Hi Everyone. I’ve just returned to home brewing after a long absence (decades). I’ve only used kits so far and will make a few more kits before trying more advanced techniques. My partner’s 90 year old mother would love me to try to recreate her long-dead husband’s beer recipe. (This recipe...