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  1. Markgee

    2 x Inkbird IPB-16s

    I've got two of these kicking around.... Inkbird 15A IPB-16S Pre-wired Digital Home Brewing and Distilling Controller I actually forgot I ordered them as they take so long to arrive from China! I think they cost £90 each but I got stung for import duties and a ridiculous handling fee from Royal...
  2. Markgee

    2 x 55L Fermzilla

    I bought 2 x 55L fermzilla's from geterbrewed and have ended up going a different route. They are unopened and brand new in the box. I paid £140 each plus a good postage charge but will sell for £110 if anyone can collect from Sutton or Richmond in Surrey. I don't want to post them. Here's...
  3. Markgee

    Hello from Surrey!

    Hi there, I am Mark and I'm based in Surrey. I brew with my best mate Harry and we have recently upgraded to a 100L setup. We are on a pretty tight budget so we have had to slowly get the stuff together but we a pretty much there now. To say we are excited to start making/drinking bigger...