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  1. Frasermitch

    Recipe suggestions from my inventory

    Hi, Below is a screenshot of my current inventory, any suggestions on what i can throw together? Any style although i have just done a stout so ideally not stout. Thanks in advance
  2. Frasermitch

    King keg outside

    Hi, With temps being low now. Would it be advantageous to put a king keg outside to absorb some co2? The KK has been conditioning for around a week inside and the pressure is around 5psi. Obviously the temp outside might fluctuate between night and day so I was just thinking to throw it out...
  3. Frasermitch

    Lets use up the dregs (Recipe Idea)

    Hi All, Below is what i have left in the cupboard/freezer, any suggestions for a decent recipe? Don't really want order any more special malts due to the delays in lockdown. Brew size can be anything from 15l to 23l. I have recently done a cascade smash and a best bitter style, so ideally not...
  4. Frasermitch

    Protein Clumps

    Hi, Just opened my fermentor to take a gravity reading and saw this. Pretty sure its not an infection. Gravity is 1012 from 1044. Yeast was us-05. Just for my education, is this protein clumps or would it still be the krausen falling through? Feel I am running the risk of the lid police...
  5. Frasermitch

    Dusty from the FV

    Hi All, After brewing my first all grain batch with the 30L brew monk my beer is now ready for bottling. I have done a basic bitter brew with Ekg as the late addition hops. Grainfather predicted an OG of 1046 but mine turned out at 1040, the FG now is around 1010 which was predicted by the...
  6. Frasermitch

    First AG recipe advice

    Hi, Just made the leap to all grain after purchasing a brew monk all in one. Could do with a bit of advice on what to start out brewing, my original idea was to just do a simple SMaSH with the MO and a hop. Maybe could squeeze three 15l batches out of this? I have brewing software with the...
  7. Frasermitch

    How much hops?

    So i am planning on doing my first extract IPA and was wondering how much hops to use and at what times to add. Browsing online recipes they vastly conflict so though i would seek advice at my old friend homebrewforum. On hand i currently have cascade, challenger, fuggles, east kent goldings...
  8. Frasermitch

    American Pale Ale

    Any tips /alterations to this recpie? This will be my second extract and it should be an American Pale Ale Ingredients 3kg Pale Liquid Extract [Boil for15 min](8.0 SRM) Extract 4 80.0 % 250g Mild Malt (3.0 SRM) Grain 1 13.3 % 250g Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 2 6.7 % 30g Cascade [7.70 %] -...
  9. Frasermitch

    Ton of supplies in cupboard

    Ok so here goes, i have been acquired a load of extract ingredients - LME (canned), steeping grains, hops (unopened vacuum packed), and yeast (dried unopened) which i paid next to nothing for. Problem is that they have all been stored in his cupboard for the last two months when he bought them...
  10. Frasermitch

    OG disappointment

    Hello all I have just brewed my first extract brew, used brewers friend to calculate bitterness etc but when all was done the OG reading was off. The calculator predicted 1059 but he sample I took from the FV last night was more like 1039. I followed the recipe and brew steps as instructed but...
  11. Frasermitch

    first extract brew based on old speckled hen

    Hello all I will be doing my first extract tomorrow and found an old speckled hen clone which I am basing my first extract brew. To me the hops look off but I am inexperienced in extract. It is as follows 23 litre extract batch - 15 litre Stockport for boiling. 3kg pale malt extract 500g...
  12. Frasermitch


    Hi all, So its three weeks after i bottles my wilko best bitter kit, opened the bottle to taste an i had a gusher (tested 3 bottles). Problem is i know i overcarbed at 1 1/2 tsp per 300ml bottle. The beer tastes absolutely fine (actually really good) i was just wondering if this may be infected...
  13. Frasermitch

    correct use of campden tablets

    Hello, I recently acquired some campden tabs for my brewing inventory but the bottle has poor instructions (actually none apart from wine making). I was planning on treating my water in 4 x 5l water bottles for my brew tomorrow but unsure how to use the correctly. Apologies i am sure this has...
  14. Frasermitch

    Very low FG

    Hello, I have been fermenting my coopers Australian lager for 7 days now and yesterday and today the gravity was 1.002. Is this very low? What effect will this have on the beer? (the original gravity was 1.035). I am thinking that this needs bottling tonight. Any advice would be appreciated.