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  1. Racehunter

    Steep in a Thermos flask?

    I am going to steep a small amount (150g) of crystal malt to add to a Cooper's AuPa kit but wondered if I can achieve this in a Thermos flask? My thinking is that it should hold the 75°C temp for 30 mins rather than maintain that over a flame?
  2. Racehunter

    Very fast Wherry fermentation

    I started my Woodfordes Wherry last early afternoon last Sunday (28/6) and got an SG of 1042. Fermentation started quickly with the FV in a water bath @ 20°C, and was very vigorous but airlock activity slowed right down by 2/7 so I took a reading and got 1014. Checked the gravity again yesterday...
  3. Racehunter

    Coopers AuPa as a base for a session beer

    So, while my Cwtch sits in the bottles for a little while longer, I have been looking at what to do next, and after much researching (mainly on here) I think I will use Coopers AuPa as a base, made up with 50/50 DME and dextrose and dry hop for 5 to 6 days before bottling. However, I have a few...
  4. Racehunter

    Looking for a Ruby ale kit

    Hi all. I am setting up to brew for the first time in donkeys years (not counting a BITB last year) and am rather partial to a ruby ale. I will be using a King Keg in my process and wondered what anyone thought of Mumfords St Peters Ruby Red Ale as a starting point? Thanks Steve