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  1. Shirley Bassett

    Vaccine Problem?

    Getting back to the original post re alcohol use and vaccination. I note that Professor Van Tam is taking questions about the vaccine on “The One Show” this evening. I’ve emailed the show to ask if you have to abstain from drinking alcohol, prior to and post vaccination. I also asked if it is...
  2. Shirley Bassett

    Vaccine Problem?

    Antibiotics and Alcohol. Just before Christmas I had an abscess in my mouth when I was in my early twenties. The dentist gave me a prescription for antibiotics. He then took it back off me and doubled the dose. I asked why. He said it’s Christmas and you’ll probably **** most of it out of...
  3. Shirley Bassett


    If you use fresh yeast and add the salt on top of it, it kills the yeast. This maybe why you dough didn’t prove.
  4. Shirley Bassett

    What did you do today?

    I took the dog for a walk along the old railway track and found this at the side of the path. I never knew you could get in a can.
  5. Shirley Bassett

    Possible to safely over-carb crown-caps?

    I don’t have any experience of carbonation drops. I use Magners and Kopperberg bottles. I batch prime my cider at 10g of sugar per litre of brew. They are lively if opened at room temperature, but lightly sparkling if refrigerated for a few hours. I’ve use this amount for Perry as well. I...
  6. Shirley Bassett

    Covid-19 the second wave.

    Did she have the Pfizer or Oxford vaccine?
  7. Shirley Bassett

    Covid-19 the second wave.

    A shop worker in Scotland in the summer showed us a sunflower lanyard that she had around her neck. She explained that it showed that she had a hidden disability that made her exempt from wearing a mask. Problem solved for supermarket security staff?
  8. Shirley Bassett


    I forgot to say you need a 7g sachet of dried yeast in initial mix.
  9. Shirley Bassett


    Clint, A friend of ours used to work in an independent pizza takeaway. Her recipe is 450g of Allinson's strong bread flour, sifted, 1tsp of sugar, but I find that a bit sweet, so I use half, half a tsp of salt, 30ml of olive oil, about 200ml of warm water. This is make 2 x 10 to 12 inch...
  10. Shirley Bassett

    Cider brew

    That’s a difficult one to answer, but like most things in life, it comes down to your own particular taste and budget.
  11. Shirley Bassett

    Best website?

    Lisa MC, Below is a photo of 19 litre plastic vessel that has just brewed a stout kit and is being cleaned with 4 scoops of oxy wash and hot water Note that you can get a demijohn bottle brush down inside the handle. If you completely fill the bottle, then as it fizzes the debris comes to the...
  12. Shirley Bassett

    Best website?

    Fair enough, at least you‘re honest.
  13. Shirley Bassett

    Best website?

    The pinky one and the half cleared middle one have debris that has settled on the flat part at the top of the handle, but if you wait until they are fully cleared and then tip this away from you and slap the tilted bottle a few times, then most of it gets displaced and slides off and sinks to...
  14. Shirley Bassett

    Best website?

    Don‘t know what you are brewing, but if you step up the volume to around 19 litres per brew, then the bottles that you find on water dispensers make excellent demijohns. I used to scrounge them from car dealerships and the like. You also used to be able to get them from eBay for about £3 each...
  15. Shirley Bassett

    Chippy Tea pulls another master stroke?

    If that’s a prawn. How big are the lobsters in Oz?
  16. Shirley Bassett

    Vaccine queue calculator for the U.K.

    Mines a week after Test and Trace is fully functional.
  17. Shirley Bassett

    Cider from real apples vs cider from supermarket juice

    Did you carbonate the cider you have bottled? I’ve found that sometimes they turn vinegary if left uncarbonated. I think that any excess CO2 that escapes from the liquid seems to protect the cider from oxidising. Either that or I’ve just been unlucky with still cider.
  18. Shirley Bassett

    Would you still vote for Brexit?

    Looking at the road freight queue to get into Dover. Is it quicker to fly to Australia, than get a truck on a ferry. Is this the Australian style trade deal?
  19. Shirley Bassett

    Cider from real apples vs cider from supermarket juice

    I’ve made turbo cider from juice from concentrate and “fresh“ juice, and I think that there is very little difference in taste. It is just very dry. I’ve never had a boiled flavour. i find that adding tea bags (10 in a litre of boiled water, left to stew and then rung out on a spoon and added...
  20. Shirley Bassett


    Dutto Can you put up a picture of the tinned Harissa paste? and where do you buy it from? I second Clint, it’s nice to hear from you.