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    Bottling wand

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable bottling wand? The ones I have tried all seem to leak. Thanks
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    Brewdog cybernaught recipe

    Hoping someone can help I am planning on brewing brewdogs cybernaught beer form there recipe. I don't understand the hop weight to use for the the 1st 4 hop editions it just has an I or II in the recipe. Any ideas what it means? Thanks
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    Northern Monk homebrew club

    This could be of interest if your Leeds or Manchester based, Northern Monk are starting a homebrew club. There also running a dark beer competition the winner gets to brew a batch on their equipment as well. https://northernmonk.com/news/northern-monk-homebrew-club/
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    Grainfather offer malt miller

    For anyone looking I just spotted malt miller have a weekend sale on grainfather equipment. Grainfather is £600, I'm tempted by a conical Fermenter myself but think I need to do more research before splashing out.