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  1. Spanners

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Please add DH5 0GS Thanks
  2. Spanners

    Covid-19 the second wave.

  3. Spanners

    Trump v Biden.

  4. Spanners

    Your favourite stout recipe?

    Here's a recipe from David Heath, I think usually his recipe's are quite good, it's only a 30 minute boil and 4.4% ABV, judging by the comments on his youtube video some people have said that it was quite good, I intend to brew this myself soon. -- his video can be found...
  5. Spanners

    Grainfather water calculation

    In case you need a breakdown of the water calcs for a G30 Grainfather here they are, it's nice to know where the figures come from ....... Mash volume = (Grain Weight in KG * 2.7) + 3.5 Sparg volume = (preboil volume - mash volume) + (grain bill in KG x 0.8) Boil off loss = 3L per hour (0.05L...
  6. Spanners

    Trump has Covid.

  7. Spanners

    Trump has Covid.

    The village has been in touch and they want their Idiot back. So if your reading this Mr Trump get in touch!
  8. Spanners

    Is this going to be the end of the orange man?

    A couple of injections of disinfectant should cure it!
  9. Spanners

    Grainfather Reviews

    you will need the micro pipework if you want to brew small batches..... https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/the-grandfather-micro-pipework/ I do a lot of 10L and 12L batches myself as I jump from recipe to recipe to find beers I like rather than making a large batch and finding its not my...
  10. Spanners

    Session Beer Kit recommendation.

    Thank you "JohnAlt20" much appreciated thumb.
  11. Spanners

    Session Beer Kit recommendation.

    I'd be forever in your (and his) debt, I'm from the north east and remember this beer with fondness, I'd be over the moon if he was willing to share but I understand if he isn't keen on the idea as he's took time to perfect it and it's his award winner.
  12. Spanners

    Session Beer Kit recommendation.

    Would just love to get my hands on that recipe, hope Laurence is reading this and feeling generous. :onechug:
  13. Spanners

    British app for home brewing

    Another great video from David Heath
  14. Spanners

    Crafty Maltsters

    They know how to tease brewer's like us
  15. Spanners

    Crafty Maltsters

    I and others found exactly the same, its good stuff
  16. Spanners

    British app for home brewing

    I used it many years ago via the windows app, I thought it was okay at the time, not sure if its changed a lot since, it has a big following in the States and lots of recipes on there web portal, I'm not sure if it has a big following in the UK?
  17. Spanners

    Crafty Maltsters

    Why not drop them an email --> alison@craftymaltsters.co.uk They usually reply pretty quickly
  18. Spanners

    Crafty Maltsters

    I've been using their ale malt for a the last two months, it's absolutely fine, I will be ordering again defo
  19. Spanners

    British app for home brewing

    Brewfather for me, it’s a yearly subscription ($19.99 per year or $1.99 per month) but you can try it for free for a month to check it out, after which the feature is restricted slightly. It’s very accurate and pretty easy to use, in the set up you can change to the units you want to use...