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  1. noshadow

    Blow out tube

    I've rigged a blow out tube on a kit I'm brewing, the tube is going into a wine bottle with a little Chemsan in the bottom. Overnight some krausen come through the tube and into the bottle. There's still plenty of airspace left in the bottle and the krausen seems to have calmed down so I don't...
  2. noshadow

    Storing kit pouches

    I have a Mangrove Jack's pouch that comes with hops and yeast inside but I'm not planning on brewing it for a couple of weeks. The pouch says just to store it in a cool dry place and out of sunlight, but wouldn't it be best to keep the hops and yeast in the fridge? Would it be an issue storing...
  3. noshadow

    Choosing DME, Enhancer or Sugars

    I'm looking at getting a couple of Mangrove Jack kits which don't come with any fermentables. They recommend 1kg of brewing sugar but rather than just using sugar I'm looking at ordering DME but should I use substitute 1:1 with 1kg of DME? The other (slightly cheaper) option seems to be enhancer...
  4. noshadow

    What causes gushers?

    I recently followed a Coopers recipe for an IPA using their Brew A kit, LME and Mangrove Jack's M42 yeast plus dry hopping five days before bottling. My OG was 1.042 and FG 1.010 so by my calculations this gives 79% attenuation so falls perfectly withing the yeasts range of 77-82%. FG readings...
  5. noshadow

    High carbonation in PET Bottles

    I've currently got a Hefeweizen brewing away and will hopefully be bottling it this week. From what I've been told in another thread I should be aiming for 3.5 to 4.0 volumes CO2 which is a lot higher than any of the previous brews I've done. I understand that this can cause bottle bombs with...
  6. noshadow

    Mangrove Jack's M20 Yeast

    Yesterday I started an extract Hefeweizen recipe from the Cooper's website. It suggested to use Munich yeast so I've used a Mangrove Jack's M20 yeast. The fermentation range for the yeast is 18-30°C but I'm just wondering what temperature to leave the FV at. My wife is quite keen on the banana...
  7. noshadow


    Hi guys! Been lurking for a while now and learned a lot but decided I might as well sign up and start asking questions! Started homebrewing 4 years ago when I got a Coopers starter set for Christmas but had an 18 month sabattical after moving to a smaller house. Now we've got more space...