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  1. labrewski

    Hook head ale malt

    Any body use this I bought a 25 kg sack to start my ag journey was thinking of just using 5kg and some basic hop additions To get the hang of things
  2. labrewski

    Re prime ??

    Is it possible to prime beer a second time I've realised pressure barrels are not suitable for my favoured carbonation levels I'm into my second pb now beautiful head no fizz I have another one conditioning now and don't think I can drink another flat beer Could I bottle from the pb and prime...
  3. labrewski

    Cost of kegging

    I've realised pb,s are not suitable for my style So I need 2 corny kegs and what ever it is to use them what am I looking at price wise 200 I'm guessing???
  4. labrewski

    Pressure barrel nightmare stories

    Just emptied my first pb another one in the fridge and another conditioning Got me thinking what's the worst can happen I wasnt happy with level of carbonation I had recently so I put in 125g sugar in one tonight to start carbing Time bomb???? Any other awful stories any one would like to...
  5. labrewski

    Hop spiders , bags , or just let it roll

    What's your opinion lads I'm thinking bags big open ones not tight muslin Im using fruit bags from lidl
  6. labrewski

    Brewmonk accessories

    Can anyone tell me what these are for cant seem to find a reason for them
  7. labrewski

    Pb pressure ,carbonation

    Had my pb condition for 14 days in 20 to 21 degrees Then moved to fridge for 3 days had a quick sip absolutely flying out loads of head but no fizz I used 80 g sugar for around 19 litre Anyone know what's happening
  8. labrewski

    Pressure barrel idea

    Would it be worth trying to attach a bottling wand to a pb to achieve a smooth pour Anyone ever try anything like it
  9. labrewski

    All grain starter

    So I have my brew monk but didn't have time to figure it out yet hope I will this weekend never done all grain before just kits and extract kits I would like to order ingredients but don't know where to start with grain Can any one give me a list of must have grain for IPA and AIPA styles...
  10. labrewski

    Basic brewing software

    What's the most basic and easy to use Beginners brewing software lol
  11. labrewski

    Brewmonk all in one 30 l

    Just received one of these unexpected for my birthday 😀😀 But am worried that it will take some time to figure out Is there any important little bits or chemicals I need for cleaning and maintenance Or any tips in general to get going All info appreciated
  12. labrewski

    Central haating worries

    Hi all was changing taps in bathroom today and just as I finished I broke a fitting on hot tap All shops are shut now so i have to leave hot water turned off is it safe to have the gas heating on now Will pressure build up or something not sure without being able to use hot taps in the house
  13. labrewski

    8gr co2 cartridges refill??

    Can u get these refilled seems to be sold out in a lot of shops around at the moment I remember getting similar cartridges for air guns in the hunting shops would these be suitable
  14. labrewski

    Pb cooling methods

    I have a slimline fridge I'm hoping will cool my pb but if not what's my best options Last resort will be builders trub full of ice which wont be practical but hopefully get the job done
  15. labrewski

    Pb first time user

    Hi all read all the bits on how to use my pb But I'm worried about carbonation I have 10 8gr bulbs Would i be better off to use sugar or the bulbs
  16. labrewski

    Biab starter

    Evening all I'm going to go the biab road looking at some nice starter packs for around 150 mark But I remember when I started a few months later I thought agh I could have just got this and that So question is what's the most important bits and Bob's I need I have all the basics buckets...
  17. labrewski

    Corny keg priming

    Would the good people recommend priming a keg with sugar like when bottling Or gas only
  18. labrewski

    Biab equipment

  19. labrewski


    So after I had 3 batches to bottle recently And not a lot of spare time to do it I'm thinking I should be kegging Basically what I'm asking is what's the pros and cons of kegging Any simple but essential tips I need to know Quality does it lower or higher I think glass is good as in coke...
  20. labrewski

    DIY all grain gear

    I'm going to try move to ag next year but I'm not one to spend money if I don't have to so I'm thinking of using my buckets with kettle elements or finding old kegs and a gas burner or maybe another way that I didn't figure out yet lol Just wondering would anyone like to share what contraptions...