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  1. micklupulo

    Sparge Volume with AG kit

    I hope it is OK to start a fresh thread on this as the ones I have found are getting on a bit and my question seems to be rather removed from them. I am soon returning to AG after a massive break and am a bit rusty. I have a very old Electrim boiler and years ago would mash in it then sparge...
  2. micklupulo

    MJ Helles Lager kit

    I wonder if anyone could advise on the MJ Helles Lager kit please. I have just put one on and have read one or two reviews suggesting it is over hoppy using the full 20g of the two varieties of hops supplied. Conversely I have come across two reviews saying it is fine without any hop addition. I...
  3. micklupulo

    Advice on Bitter/IPA

    Hi I am new on here though have been brewing on and off since the 70s starting with the usual Boots/Tom Caxton etc. then all grain in the 90s and now back to a bewildering array of much improved kits after a break of many years. I have done a Woodfordes Wherry on which the yeast stuck , a...