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  1. EveryoneKnowsADave

    EveryoneKnowsADave Brewdays!

    Brewed a Cooper's European Lager kit with 500g LSM and 500g of dextrose, brewed to 22 litres. I've got it in the fermentation cupboard, currently at 16°c +/- .5°c. I learned a lesson with the LSM which I unfortunately dumped in! OMG did that need some work!! I'm assuming I need to add it to...
  2. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Low temperature cider ferment

    I put a MYO dark berry cider on last Saturday. Its bubbling away nicely in the self build fermentation chamber in the shed and there's a definite smell of sulphur in the air however, due to there being about 8 inches of snow on and around the shed the 40w heater is struggling to maintain...
  3. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Slow tap

    I've kegged my first brew! I flushed the sanitiser from one keg into another and then used the sanitiser in the second keg to flush beerlines. I noticed that the flow is really slow at 12psi. I mean it's dribbling out. I've adjusted the flow controls but both taps are the same. Am I missing...
  4. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Free snubnose 10&15 PSI PRV set.

    I wasn't sure where to put this so admins, please feel free to move to a more suitable location. Over at Newbie Help with my Snub Nose we've been discussing snubnose spunding valve/gauge set ups. @foxy explained that he uses either 10 or 15 PSI PR valves as pictured below. These valves negate...
  5. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Homebuild chamber for Fermenter King Gen3

    The leaky fermentation bucket has been annoying me a fair bit so I've purchased a Fermenter King Gen 3 Starter Kit. It's a fair height! I really didn't want it in the house so today I built a chamber out of some old loft boards, OSB and foil liner. (I've still to add a door). The unit sits...
  6. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Not a lot happening American PA

    So I finished my first brew on Sunday about 1.30pm. A Young's American PA from kit. The only changes to brewing instructions are that I've brewed short to 20litres and that in addition to the hops included I plan to add 25g of Falconer's Flight hopefully within the last few days of fermenting...
  7. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Slow roasted BBQ ribs

    2.5kg ribs. Membrane removed and sliced into individual ribs using the back of the next rib as a guide (provides meaty ribs). 350ml good tomato sauce (like heinz) 100ml hoisin sauce 200g brown sugar 60ml Worcestershire sauce 75ml cider vinegar 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon ground...
  8. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Floating dip/transfer tube

    Had a go at making a floating gravity transfer tube which should allow me to transfer from a basic 'no tap' fermentation bucket to a keg from the wart surface, avoiding the trub 🤞 Kit list: £7.69 x2 Plastic Fermentation Tank Faucet - Amazon £4.75 John Guest 3/4" Female Bsp X 3/8" Push Fit -...
  9. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Help with kegging please

    I've had a bit of a read through the forums but I'm still a bit unclear so wouldn't mind some advice if you can help. I've received my first kit (an American IPA from maltmillers). I have an empty temperature controlled keezer available with 2 corny kegs & CO2 and also have a fermentation...
  10. EveryoneKnowsADave

    My Keezer Build.

    Just thought I'd share some pictures of my Keezer build. Currently only two kegs but it has space for 4 kegs + CO2 and/or Nitrogen mix. I've installed an Inkbird STC1000 to control the freezer and a 60w heater tube. (Needs a fan to provide circulation). I've also added a dual output regulator...
  11. EveryoneKnowsADave

    Noob homebrewer saying hello!

    Hi all, Thought I'd post a quick message to say hello. I'm fairly new to homebrewing although I've been into craft beer for some time. My favourite styles are BA Stouts, West Coast and New England IPAs and good old crisp lagers. Equipment wise, I'm part way through a 4 keg keezer build which...