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  1. IanG

    Pomegranite juice what did I do wrong

    Lidl WOW Both identical. Carton of apple juice two cartons of pomegranite. Sprinkle of tanin , yeast nutrient and wine yeast (sue me for not using a teaspoon) # Edit: kilo of dextrose in each
  2. IanG

    beaverdale nebbiolo

    I got told about this kit on this forum. Faff free Perfect result Smooth https://www.home-brew-online.com/wine-kits-c24/beaverdale-nebbiolo-was-barolla-6-bottle-p320 Oops wrong forum could a mod move to wine
  3. IanG

    Pricing and stock levels in a covid world

    I generally go for faff free kits which have everything included but even I am finding things like no rinse cleanser out of stock or 3 times the price on amazon. Any suggestions appreciated
  4. IanG

    Season to be jolly - Mulled Wine

    Recipes and kit(6 bottle) suggestions welcome. I like a little spice but I am not sure if I've left it too late. I have three red on the go but not sure I'd want to mull two of them.
  5. IanG

    Worst mistakes

    What's the worst mistake you've made? I know this isn't a brewing thread but please keep it brewing specific. I know everyone here is a total screw up examples which certainly didn't happen to me: that time you saw everything pouring on the ground only to notice that white washer on the...
  6. IanG

    Degassing beads

    So I made a tongue in cheek snarky comment in another thread about mentos bombing as a degasser. For those not in the know mentos have a peculiar shape that if you drop them into a soda bottle the co2 releases immediately like 20 feet in the air. google mentos and coke on youtube for a multitude...
  7. IanG

    Nutritional Yeast

    Is this difficult to make? At £10-20 a kg I might like to take a stab at it Edit £40 a kg according to amazon
  8. IanG

    Cooking Wine

    Hi This is my first post so be gentle. I am also probably commiting sacrilege as I'll boil all the alcohol away Background is that I have been told to go on a low salt diet as I am close to having high blood pressure. If you don't know salt is in every processed food and gravy and stock cubes...