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  1. Kiwigaz

    Kegerator or Keezer?

    I’m on the fence between the two. Initially I favoured a keezer being able to get more kegs in and easier to swap one out without disturbing the others. But now I’m leaning to the kegerator as I’ve picked up a fridge freezer so I can store hops and yeast cool too. I wouldn’t have to buy extra...
  2. Kiwigaz

    Hi All!

    So I like most new members during COVID, rediscovered the joy of home brew. I have also enjoyed the jump in quality of the product I’m now able to make. So far I’ve found a wealth of info and friendly advice here. I’m looking forward to be able to share some beers with other like minded souls...
  3. Kiwigaz

    Ss mashtun owners. Preheat rituals?

    So I got myself a 10 gal insulated mash tun recently. After two brews in it so far I’m wondering how people preheat it? I’ve tried boiling kettles tipped in to it and also adding about 3 litres of sparge water for 5 mins (before draining and reheating to strike temp. However I’m still...
  4. Kiwigaz

    WHC Bond Ale Yeast

    Used this recently in my RIS. I was worried it might stall as I should have perhaps made a starter but forgot about it until it was too late! Calculated pitch rate should have been 110b for my 10 litre batch. I had 77b but it seemed to attenuate ok getting to 1.020 from 1.080 in 3 days, now...
  5. Kiwigaz

    1698 clone

    So I’ve been nurturing a starter cultivated from a bottle of shep 1698. should be ready for next weekend’s brew session. I have a recipe to go off; Found on this forum 10l batch 2kg Maris Otter 220g Crystal 90l 20g Chocolate 425l 300g Golden Sugar Using WGV, Fuggles and Goldings hops...
  6. Kiwigaz

    Old World Russian Imperial Stout

    Based on a Brewdog Recipe. Shooting for 1.085 but ended up with 1.080 10l batch into fermenter with Whc Bond Ale yeast.
  7. Kiwigaz

    Old world Russian imperial stout

    Thinking of using Brewdog recipe for this. Downloaded beer.xml into brewers friend and seems ok but srm comes out light at 37 ish. brew dog list it at 97 so I’m confused as to what I might have done wrong ? any suggestions?
  8. Kiwigaz

    Cultivating yeast from sugar water?

    Can it be done for a starter instead of using malt extract( liquid or dry)? looking to cultivate some yeast from a bottle of beer. Just wondered if you can substitute sugar? At least to get it started
  9. Kiwigaz

    Small batch in large fermenter, Problem?

    So I’m looking to do smaller 10l batch’s but use my 25l fermenter ( plastic bucket type) Any reason this is a bad idea? Too much headspace? They are going to be strong abv brews. An imperial stout and having a go at 1698 clone
  10. Kiwigaz

    First All Grain BIAB

    Hi, first can I say I have found this forum quite informative and got me interested in home brewing again. I had a go at AG on Saturday and was quite pleased with how it turned out. I used Maris otter Simpson pale 5kg. and motueka hops 50g at 60mins and 50g at 10 mins. right, my question is...