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  1. Ghillie

    2L Erlenmeyer Flask

    £10 + postage. Also for sale here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265016912321
  2. Ghillie

    SOLD Buffalo Boiler w/ Temp Gauge SOLD

    20L Buffalo Boiler with front mounted temperature gauge. Boiler as below and in ace condition: https://www.nisbets.co.uk/buffalo-manual-fill-water-boiler/gl347 Temp probe as below: https://powellbrewing.co.uk/product/temperature-gauge-6-probe/ £50 posted.
  3. Ghillie

    SOLD Robobrew v3 35L SOLD

    Selling up. For sale is my 35L v3 Robobrew. Unit will come with a tailor made SS whirlpool arm and official neoprene jacket. £280 ONO posted.
  4. Ghillie

    Medium Attenuating Yeast Recommendations

    Morning gents, An avid US-05 user which fits the bulk of most of my brews. Also like liquid yeasts, although infrequency of brewing certain styles can leave the yeast sat for a long time, making it uneconomical to increase yeast viability through multiple step starters. Because of the latter...
  5. Ghillie

    Buying Beer Online

    Looking to buy a few different styles of beer online to see "what's what" so to speak. Refine my palette a bit and try some varieties I've not yet had. Any recommendations? Cheers.
  6. Ghillie

    NEIPA First Attempt

    Gents, Planning on brewing a NEIPA next week and have thrown together a recipe which I wouldn't mind feedback on from those "in the know". Been putting a NEIPA off for ages but finally getting round to it. Might make a brew-day thread as well, we shall see. NEIPA Citra/Mosaic/Amarillo...
  7. Ghillie

    Sodium Percarbonate

    As per the thread title, does anyone use this stuff? Seems to come highly recommended for removing stubborn residue, scorched grain, etc. Personally, I find it completely useless. It doesn't lift anything, doesn't seem to bring out any real shine on stainless and leaves a horrible residue which...
  8. Ghillie

    iSpindel Digital WiFi Hydrometer

    Got my hands on one of these wee gadgets from a gent on another brewing page. http://www.ispindel.de/docs/README_en.html He assembles them (which includes the tricky soldering, etc), flashes the software and loads in a base calibration. They're shipped without a battery (due to posting...
  9. Ghillie


    Gents, here's one which is a little bit of a head-scratcher... Kegged a lager a few weeks back which was the clearest beer I've made to date; gently racking from the top and did a very good job if I don't say so myself:laugh8: This one I was extra cautious about as to bring nothing but beer...
  10. Ghillie

    January Forum Comp - American Pale Ales

    Hello all, First off wishing everyone at the HBF a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! I understand this thread is early, but with everyone being busy over the festivities, etc - I'd be as well posting it in good time, ahead of schedule. As per tradition, feel free to post what you like...
  11. Ghillie

    Wort Chiller - The Beast

    For sale is an absolutely banging wort chiller that I purchased from @Aaron Higgins here on the forum. Sadly, it doesn't fit in my Robobrew as I forgot to take into account the top ring which holds the malt pipe for sparging... Gutted. Aaron kindly sold me this work of art for £90 so I'm happy...
  12. Ghillie

    Hop Addition Timings

    Morning all, just thought I’d put this here for discussion. So of late, when brewing hop forward beers, I’m using a different approach to maximise flavour. Typically I used to do the classic 60 minute bittering addition, then add flavour with 30, 10 and flameout. Now however, I’m solely...
  13. Ghillie

    Robobrew Users Competition

    Hello guys, For those of you who use a Robobrew, I'm hopefully going to be running a competition via Facebook's "Robobrew/Brewzilla - UK/EU Users Group" which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331280200797125/?ref=group_header **This is a closed group so you will have to...
  14. Ghillie

    Stainless Fermenter

    Anyone got a 25 - 30L one they'd recommend which doesn't cost the earth?
  15. Ghillie


    Made my best lager to date and after 6 weeks in the keg, was really looking forward to entering it into a couple of upcoming National competitions. After a few beers last night, I decided I’d top up the keg of sparkling water in my keezer. Depressurised the keg, opened the lid and started...
  16. Ghillie

    June Dark Beer Swap

    Hi gents, Down to my last bottle of the Coffee Stout/American Porter thingy I entered for the June comp that seemed to be well received. Would be happy to swap it with someone for any beer, just to see what their thoughts are and to also provide my limited feedback on theirs. It’s all about...
  17. Ghillie

    All-In-One Vessel Mash Stirring

    Picked up one of these in B&Q today for £8. Goodbye dough balls! Ended up just horsing all the grain in and blitzing it. With the paddle, I would typically do four or five additions of grain with heavy stirring in-between. Anything to shave time off a brew day at a small costathumb..
  18. Ghillie

    Beer Crate

    24 bottle crate for sale. Got too many and also kegging everything now, so surplus to requirements. Will take 330ml bottles and some 500ml ones. £15 posted.
  19. Ghillie

    Brew Belt

    As below: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Home-Brew-Heat-Heating-Belt-Pad-for-Beer-Wine-Spirits-fermenter/273701989597?hash=item3fb9e8ecdd:g:3~gAAOSwikBcSbXt No longer required, £12 posted.
  20. Ghillie

    Valentine's Day Shiraz

    Had a few beers tonight whilst making a beef Wellington, then got fired into a nice bottle of red. It's been a while! I love red wine, absolutely love it. Would really like to make some (no kits) but obviously the price of grapes here makes it ridiculous in terms of a "from scratch"...