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  1. obscure

    Reusing yeast by adding fresh wort on top of the yeast cake

    I currently have a batch of Yorkshire Bitter that is almost done fermenting and was planning to keg it on Saturday. The yeast was Wyeast West Yorkshire Yeast and I am planning on doing a batch mild on Saturday. Could I simply pour the wort from the mild on top of the sediment left over from...
  2. obscure

    Festival Spiced Winter Ale

    Kit itself is a fairly standard Festival kit, two bags of hopped malt extra plus 500g dextrose. Like a lot of the ‘stronger kits it is a 18L kit with the dextrose being added alongside the malt extract. Yeast is described as a Belgium yeast and is a 20g sachet. I am opting to make the kit up...
  3. obscure

    Kegging a Polypin

    With us stuck in lockdown I have being buying beer from a range of local breweries one option however is poly pins which come in at 36 pint or 18 pint I.e. 10 and 20 L. Problem is that their is no way I can see myself drinking that much before it goes off. I’m therefore curious if anyone has...
  4. obscure

    Hi from Oxfordshire

    Hi, I’m a long time lurker who finally decided to make a post. I’m in Oxfordshire and have being brewing for a couple of years mostly small (9L) stove top BIAB batches, with the occasional kit thrown in. Will most likely remain a lurker for the large part but the odd thread I want to make a...