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  1. Kiwigaz

    January 2021 comp - American pale ales

    Hi. No sorry I’ve been so busy I couldn’t get it sent 😑
  2. Kiwigaz

    Slow tap

    Those numbers are the volumes of CO2 your aiming for. Psi is across the top with temp running down the side
  3. Kiwigaz

    Beavertown Neck Oil Clone

    It’s a report you can generate from inside BeerSmith. Change from classic recipe view to brew day I think 🤔
  4. Kiwigaz

    Kegerator or Keezer?

    I’m on the fence between the two. Initially I favoured a keezer being able to get more kegs in and easier to swap one out without disturbing the others. But now I’m leaning to the kegerator as I’ve picked up a fridge freezer so I can store hops and yeast cool too. I wouldn’t have to buy extra...
  5. Kiwigaz

    Beavertown Neck Oil Clone

    I’m thinking to knock some of the high alpha acids down in bit in the boil addition as it seems slightly too bitter. More grapefruit pithy taste. I actually like it but I’m not sure it is as close to the original as it could be
  6. Kiwigaz

    Beavertown Neck Oil Clone

    I used this one. But steeped at about 85c for 5 mins. Fermented at 19 with WHC Lax Drop hopped about mid fermentation. Then gave it a few degrees temp boost after hops had been in for 3 days and gravity was at 1.009. Then cooled over two days and bottled.
  7. Kiwigaz

    Beavertown Neck Oil Clone

    It’s bottled and just finished carbing. It has come out slightly hazy, with good hop aroma. Tastes like the original but not exactly so. All in all I like it, looking forward to trying it in a few more weeks in the bottle. Next batch will be kegged
  8. Kiwigaz

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Imperial Stout!
  9. Kiwigaz

    Jan 21 Malt Group Buy - Time to Order

    I’m going to defer till later too. Cheers
  10. Kiwigaz

    Brewing an IPA to last/age

    If you are planning to prime and bottle your beer? then the yeast should deal with any oxygen introduced at that stage. Should be good for 6 months easy. As others have said high temperature is your enemy when it comes to long term storage
  11. Kiwigaz

    Brew Bucket.

    Thanks but I think I’ll have to leave it. Spent too much recently as I’ve just moved to kegs.
  12. Kiwigaz

    Brew Bucket.

    Might be a bit far to drive given the current situation! I’m based in Worcestershire. Still interested in the bucket though. I’m at work so can I give you a decision later on the bucket?
  13. Kiwigaz

    Brew Bucket.

    Where are you based?
  14. Kiwigaz

    Stalled fermentation ?

    From what I understand if you increase temp slightly towards the end of fermentation it won’t produce a load of esters and unwanted flavours as most of the sugar is already converted. Give it a swirl to rouse the yeast and check sg again. Also are you using dry yeast? Do you rehydrate? I’m...
  15. Kiwigaz

    New Forum member map. (3-1-2021)

    Wr5 Worcester. Cheers 🍺
  16. Kiwigaz

    Hi All!

    So I like most new members during COVID, rediscovered the joy of home brew. I have also enjoyed the jump in quality of the product I’m now able to make. So far I’ve found a wealth of info and friendly advice here. I’m looking forward to be able to share some beers with other like minded souls...
  17. Kiwigaz

    Beavertown Neck Oil Clone

    Ok sounds good to me. I’m hoping to do this back to back with the all rounder and keg too. Be interesting to see the difference if there is one
  18. Kiwigaz

    Beavertown Neck Oil Clone

    Just attempted this as per recipe bunglebrewsbeer posted. I’m at 1.022 and wondering how low to go before I dry hop. Bearing in mind for the moment until my all rounder arrives I’m still using a plastic bucket which ill have to open to add hops. I’m thinking about 1.015 so that the oxy is used...