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  1. Gazc

    Untapped beer app

    Is there anyone else who uses the ‘untapped’ app for rating beer? I will be honest I was abit dubious but I’ve come across a cracker in Brewdog vs Cloudwater New England IPA via it
  2. Gazc

    Mangrove Jacks pink grapefruit ipa

    Hi, I am just doing this kit right now, just wondering if anyone else has done this and how long did u leave it fermenting? The instructions and videos I’ve seen said below 1.025 approx 7 days then hop for 2days - to me (I’m very new so excuse my ignorance) that they was bottling when the...
  3. Gazc

    Krups Sub keg & homebrew

    Hi all, I am awaiting a delivery of the Krups Sub mini keg ( I know this hasn’t got a great rep on here) but..... my thinking behind it is once I’ve drank the 12no 2l torps that I’ve order with it I can refill with my homebrew kits. 2 questions really - has anyone on here got one and what do...
  4. Gazc

    Hi and Thanks

    Just a quick introduction, I’m completely new to home brewing but due to the current situation we are all in with a lack of rugby and pubs I found myself needing something new to keep me out of trouble. Started my 1st brew ( St Peter,s ipa) last Sat so I’m only 6days into my new venture and...