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  1. chthon

    Rochefort Tripel

    Rochefort Tripel - Belgian Tripel (18C) Batch Size 10,000 L Boil Size 12,350 L Boil Time 60,000 min Efficiency 90% OG 1,072 sg FG 1,014 sg ABV 7,9% Bitterness 36,1 IBU (Noonan)...
  2. chthon

    Propagating Rochefort yeast

    Last fall I propagated Rochefort yeast from a bottle of Rochefort 8. I actually did this also in 2017 with Westmalle yeast and in 2018 with St.-Bernardus yeast, but I documented it better with the Rochefort yeast. The reason I show it here is don't have a stirplate (might come, I discovered I...
  3. chthon

    Dry hopping and hop creep

    To explain hop creep in short, hops also contain alpha- and beta-amylases, the same enzymes which are responsible for turning starches and dextrins into fermentable sugars. When dry hopping, the rest sugars and dextrins in the wort, which could not be fermented by the yeast, are then also turned...
  4. chthon

    Best Bitter feedback

    I am busy designing a brew with a single mash and a double boil, effectively brewing two different beers from a single mash. Since this is for summer, these would be (relatively) low alcohol beers, one a saison and the other one I would like to derive from the wort would be a best bitter. I...
  5. chthon

    Rochefort Yeast Propagation beer

    Rochefort II - Blonde Ale (6B) Batch Size 5,497 L Boil Size 7,497 L Boil Time 60,000 min Efficiency 90% OG 1,044 sg FG 1,009 sg ABV 4,6% Bitterness 31,8 IBU (Noonan) Color 5,5...
  6. chthon

    Blind Henry (Blinde Hendrik)

    Blinde Hendrik Rochefort - Belgian Blond Ale (18A) ================================================================================ Batch Size 8,300 L Boil Size 10,500 L Boil Time 60,000 min Efficiency 85% OG 1,059 sg FG...
  7. chthon

    Blind Henry brewday

    To show a bit of my gear and the way I brew in my kitchen. I am currently busy propagating Rochefort yeast, and since I do not have a stir plate, I do it in different phases, where in the last three I actually brew some beer. The first one is only 4 bottles, but the next is sixteen bottles, and...
  8. chthon

    Suggestions for a nice pub around Bloomsbury?

    In the Easter holiday we would spend a couple of days in London, and will probably book in the Holiday Inn. Which pub in that vicinity would you recommend for a familial evening, eating with the wife and daughter, and tasting beer?
  9. chthon

    Anyone experience with Bulldog B19 Belgian Trapix yeast?

    I have bought six dry abbey beer yeasts, but Bulldog's B19 has the least information. Anyone used it already, and what results did you have?
  10. chthon

    Comparing yeasts: input wanted

    What I have in mind is to compare six dry abbey yeasts. These can be grouped in three pairs, with apparent attenuation (appr.) 75%, 80% en 85%. I will have three brewing sessions, where I will brew enough to split in two and then use each yeast of the pairs. But, if I brew three times the same...
  11. chthon

    Crivens! hoppy Scotch Ale

    I am a fan of Terry Pratchett. That is why I chose this name. I had brewed this to be ready for the Christmas days, after six months it is pretty drinkable. Strong Ale II - Strong Scotch Ale (9E) ================================================================================ Batch Size...
  12. chthon

    Imperial Stout "Back in Black"

    Imperial Stout "Back in Black" - Russian Imperial Stout (13F) ================================================================================ Batch Size 7,000 L Boil Size 11,050 L Boil Time 90,000 min Efficiency 80% OG 1,086 sg...
  13. chthon

    Blind Henry IV

    Notes: This is for 6 liter bottled I do not use batch sparging, but fly sparging After primary fermentation, I move this over to secondary for a couple of weeks to get a more clear beer. This is the fourth version, the other three were good, but I found out I have rather English hops than...
  14. chthon

    Muscadet wine: yeast?

    Anyone here who made muscadet wine yet? I would like to know what kind of wine yeast would be best for this. Kitzinger has a range of yeasts, but nothing specifically muscadet.
  15. chthon

    From Belgium here

    And of course you might wonder what someone from Belgium does on an English forum? I am also a member of the Flemish and Dutch forums, but I need input and ideas from other places too. And when I was reading this forum I saw a topic of someone who spends this New Years' Eve at Bruges, so I...