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  1. DrunkDelilahBrewery

    Wrexham Lager - Recipe Assistance if you can please?

    Dear each, Though I now reside on the sunny south coast, I am formerly of a North Wales base from a village just outside of Wrexham. Being one of the first (if not the first) Lager(s) brewed in the UK I thought I might give it a go. Would anyone happen to have a recipe for it? I have...
  2. DrunkDelilahBrewery

    New Member - UK (Hayling Island)

    Hi all, Thought I would introduce myself. I'm fairly new to home brewing, with just 11 all grain batches to my name (and 2 of them made the drain). Recently just upgraded the kit to a BrewTools B80 Pro but will still keep my trusty BIAB system. Really enjoying building the brewery and...