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  1. peebee

    Rust in kettle

    Bar Keeper's Friend relies mainly on oxalic acid (same as in rhubarb and strawberries … and poisonous!) which actually isn't good at stripping SS back in preparation for "passivating" - which happens anyway in the presence of oxygen (including oxygen dissolved in water). The BKF is probably...
  2. peebee

    PeeBee's Brewday - Low Alcohol Beer II

    It going wrong last time didn't put you off then. Good on you! I wouldn't worry about 12C 'stead of 10 (mine went other way and was 7); I think keeping the temp low is only to limit the activity of microbes that will be swarming over the malt. Seems a good plan to let the "wort" rest and drop...
  3. peebee

    Trisodium Phosphate Cleaning Concentration

    Beats me, too long ago. But I guess my last post here suggests the answers? i.e. Swab down, no need to soak. You've reminded me to try it out in the dish-washer now-and-again! I've been using oxy-clean stuff, but it is not good with greasy residues.
  4. peebee

    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    I think you mean sparklers - the hole size? 0.6mm is common, you can get 1.0mm and another (?) size. I won't use them, they trash the types of beer I make (they need testing first with any new beer you use them on)..
  5. peebee

    How To Use Salifert Alkalinity and Calcium Test Kits

    Me to! But thinking it from the opposite end: Maybe the expectation of pink is perhaps too pink? If I do this test, one drop of reagent turns the sample pink, clear, muddy non-descript light-colour (take your pick). Indicating there is less alkalinity than the test can handle (mine was...
  6. peebee

    Munich/Vienna base malt

    Crikey, Weyermann Vienna malt is only 5.9EBC? The Crisp stuff is 8-9. My pale malt is 6.5. I don't think you can use the Weyermann stuff as a mild-ale malt replacement.
  7. peebee

    Counterflow chiller pump

    Don't get carried away! I did say such pumps were for finished beer. Two issues: The cheap ones (Chinese) will not use food-safe materials and can have very dodgy designed innards (that you don't see); and secondly any muck in the liquid being pumped will trash the diaphragm. I'm using Seaflo...
  8. peebee

    Counterflow chiller pump

    Those little brown (usually) "solar" pumps are not so bad, having an open impeller design (don't bung up so easily) and being direct drive (don't have the same unsanitary magnet coupling). But they do have (on the ones I have) a free disc between impeller and body. Sort of semi-open? The disc...
  9. peebee

    Munich/Vienna base malt

    If using Crisp Vienna malt it will be made from British barley and is identical to their mild-ale malt (use it at up to 100%). Continental Vienna malt is a little different, mainly because they grow different barley varieties. i.e. Not much different. And not much different from the slightly...
  10. peebee

    Counterflow chiller pump

    So would I! I've just purged a little 12V one from my system because it failed (the positive lead came adrift). I already knew not to use it making wort because it has an "enclosed" impeller which makes them very efficient but they bung up with debris as quick as look at them: I used it only to...
  11. peebee

    Hand Pull Beer Engine

    Nothing unusual. The "Primary" or cylinder regulator drops the pressure down to, say, 4BAR (from cylinder pressure of about 57BAR) which feeds the LPG regulator (the "Secondary") which drops it down to a few millibar. The "LPG" regulators used here can only tolerate a feed of up to 16BAR...
  12. peebee

    Low alcohol beer... botulism?!

    Ahh, that's poo i'nit, It's all those negative vibes you put about, 'bout botulism an'like. Bit like the weather; we've just been upgraded to "yellow warning for rain". Am I going to be worried? Na, not me, I'll just put on a brave fac... 'scuse me, I'm just off to tighten me flood gates.
  13. peebee

    Pizza: Low moisture mozzarella UK?

    A bread-maker? Most (all?) can do dough only programs; mine even has a pizza dough setting! I found it easy to justify the expense because decent bread is impossible to buy round here too. How would I know about hand issues and bread-making? Let's just say if pushed I'll write left-handed now (I...
  14. peebee

    Sense Check - 70c Mash

    I only mash for 30 minutes, but what I'm doing is a bit "odd". I'd say 60 minutes is quite long enough (some main core recipes will do this at 66-67C). It's bound to carry some "suck-it-and-see". There is (was?) a commercial UK beer mashed at 74C (don't remember its name now).
  15. peebee

    Sense Check - 70c Mash

    70C is fine. The enzymes "burn-out" a bit quicker (especially beta-amylase that breaks dextrins down to simple sugars) but they'll keep going long enough. I mash low-alcohol beers (<1%) at 74C, including high-ish proportions of oat malt (last brew had 16-17%). I'll probably push mashing up to...
  16. peebee

    Kveik - worth the hype? Best beer style? Best fermenting temp?

    Ah ... you are on the wrong forum! Repeat that question elsewhere and it might be met with a close to apoplectic inducing outburst (from someone living up there too). I've not tried it, nor would I waste my time, but you already have what might probably be the best descriptor ... "hype".
  17. peebee

    BOEL iTap counter pressure filler

    Honestly ... ! But it is one up for the Pegas tap - a few pence and two minutes with a hacksaw against £25 for the special clamp-lock for the Boel.
  18. peebee

    BOEL iTap counter pressure filler

    They look very much like rip-offs of the "Pegus" taps. But you do have to modify a washer as a packer to make that tap work with glass bottles (they are designed for PET). And being Russian made require you to step through even more hoops to get your hands on one. Pegus taps cost about...
  19. peebee

    Victorian Bitter

    Err, "non-epiheterodendrin (EPH) producing". That was a bit of a ride! Something about Hydrogen Cyanide along the way. Okay, no Maris Otter grown in Scotland.
  20. peebee

    Victorian Bitter

    Something many people do with Chevallier barley malt is mash at a low temperature (62-63C) to get a more fermentable wort. It's what I do with these "Hochkurz" style mashes. My last "clone" (Tetley's XK) switched Edd's times for the first two mash steps so the bulk of mashing was at the lower...