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  1. matt76

    Carapils Effect

    TLDR: I see some benefit from Weyermann Carapils w.r.t. lacing and head retention - pics below (Sorry, bit long and rambling but scroll down and there are some pics 😉 ) I thought I'd share this with the forum, maybe someone will find it useful... Feel free to pour scorn on it, debate as you...
  2. matt76

    Does acid go off?

    Just lately (last 3 brews) I suddenly seem to be measuring quite a high mash pH, i.e. pH > 6.0, whereas even with my dodgy hard water I'd expect to measure maybe 5.5-5.8ish So before I write a very long post speculating and asking why this might be, can anyone tell me, does acid go "off"...
  3. matt76

    Adjusting pH on the fly?

    Bear with me while I nerd out a bit with some technical questions - I know this stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea... :laugh8: I've recently started to take a closer interest in pH - this was actually sparked off by my first attempt at making cider, which has turned out really sour, literally...
  4. matt76

    First time cider maker - few questions

    Hello everyone, Long time beer brewer but first time cider maker - as I noted the other day in my brew day thread, I made some cider at the weekend... Basically I juiced and pasteurised the apples before cooling to pitching temperature and then rehydrated and pitched a pack of Lalvin QA23 I...
  5. matt76

    How to stop worrying & lager

    I spotted this interesting article posted recently by Drew Beechum on Craft Beer & Brewing: "How to stop worrying & lager" Typical of Drew's style it's quite funny and tongue in cheek so I think it's worth a read anyway. The actual technique isn't actually revolutionary as such - similar to...
  6. matt76

    Yeast still in suspension after bottle conditioning

    I tried a bottle of my latest Munich Helles the other night - my 51st AG brew, and the third time I've made a Helles so not exactly a newbie... The right flavours are there, but these are rather spoiled by a yeasty taste - fine if it was a Weizen or Witbier, but not what you want in a Helles...
  7. matt76

    Reptile heat mat

    Question for those of you who use a reptile heat mat as the heat source in your brew fridge... Where do you have the heat mat mounted? Is it fixed to the wall of your fridge or is the FV sat on top of it? (I would have assumed the latter but maybe there are both kinds???) I've bought this one...
  8. matt76

    Beer rescue - advice needed

    I took a gravity sample of my Styrian Wolf Session IPA last night... (recipe details here in my brewday thread) It's at, or nearly-at, FG so I'll take another reading tomorrow and all being well cold crash and dry hop with a further 60g Styrian Wolf (N.B. it's a 10L batch). The issue is when I...
  9. matt76

    Water treatment for second runnings?

    I'm planning to make a Baltic Porter, 5kg, 15L BIAB full-volume no-sparge..... I have very hard water so I'll add half a Campden tablet, 5ml lactic acid and 1g CaCl to my water - standard for me and this beer style. No problems there, all straightforward enough..... But since there'll likely...
  10. matt76

    Coca Cola Water Treatment?

    Bear with me here, daft idea maybe, but I Googled this and didn't find much info and, well, I'm curious I had a Coke at lunchtime - and you know that thing about "if you leave a tooth in a glass of Coke overnight..." well it's not exactly a secret it's quite acidic... Anyway, I grabbed my pH...
  11. matt76

    Crystal & Munich Malt in APA/AIPA?

    Do you guys tend to add a bit of Crystal and/or Munich malts to your APAs/AIPAs? Up to now I've tended to go with simply a base malt (variously MO, GP or lager) and a load of hops. I note that in the bible GH uses only base malt in his American and 60min IPAs. And I believe St Austell Proper...
  12. matt76

    Recommend Me Some Dry Yeast

    I would be very interested to know what dry yeasts you recommend, and in particular for what beer styles. I brew a variety of styles (dark, light, hoppy malty, lagers) so I'm open to all inspiration. Two or three main reasons for this: 1. Fresh packs of Wyeast have served me very well up to...
  13. matt76

    Choc malt vs. Choc rye malt for Porter?

    Can anyone comment on the differences/similarities between chocolate malt and chocolate rye malt? (I've used chocolate malt of course, but never rye malt, let alone chocolate rye malt) A year or so ago I brewed GH's Brown Porter - still one of my best brews to date IMO, and having finished the...
  14. matt76

    Exciting Wyeast News

    (For the record, this is the special kind of "exciting" that appeals to nerdy people like me! :laugh8:) I was just browsing the Wyeast website and noticed that all of a sudden the descriptors of their yeasts now include metric min/max temperatures - no more rushing to my calculator app to...
  15. matt76

    Helles not carbing - options?

    I bottled my Munich Helles a few weeks ago (on 10th Nov so about 4 weeks ago) and tried a couple over the weekend. Flavours are all good except for a residual sweetness from the remaining priming sugar that's not turned to alcohol. This seems to be a recurring theme with my lagers, whereas my...
  16. matt76

    Whole yeast cake or half?

    I've done a couple of brews recently where I've dumped fresh wort onto the yeast cake from a batch I've just bottled. (This was two different yeast cakes, not reusing the same one several times) So far no issues that I'm aware of... But I'm sure I read, or heard something on a podcast...
  17. matt76

    Carbonation - what temperature to use?

    I'm planning to bottle my Munich Helles today, batch priming as always, but I'm unsure how much sugar to use. The issue is temperature - it was fermented around 10degC before raising to about 17degC for a couple of days, then 20degC a couple more days before cold crashing down to about 4degC...
  18. matt76

    Mutant gamma rays in my barley!

    Spotted this in a serious science book by a notable author. As as man of science this isn't an issue to me, and I'd heard of it in other areas of agriculture. Nevertheless, the mention of a specific grain I use did rather jump out at me :laugh8: "Mutant barley and oats are widely grown in...
  19. matt76

    Adding yeast to lager at bottling?

    Hi all, Have I made a booboo? I bottled my Vienna Lager last night (see here)..... (All glass bottles, no PET to indicate carbonation...) I batch primed as normal but I'm worried there isn't enough yeast in there to carbonate. I've never had carbonation trouble before with lagers or ales...
  20. matt76

    Anyone used crystal hops?

    Anyone used these, if so, in what out of interest? The American stout I've got in the FV at the moment called for Magnum for bittering, crystal hops for flavour and Amarillo at flameout. I got a 100g bag of crystal leaf hops and used them as per the recipe, just wondering how to use the rest...