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  1. xozzx

    February 2021 comp - Dark beers

    Looking forwards to this one as I love dark beers, especially at this time of year! Im looking forwards to hopefully trying a good variety of beers for this one. This will be my first time judging so hopefully I can give some quality feedback and judge fairly. Im shielding so will be just me...
  2. xozzx

    Matched betting

    Has anyone else tried matched betting? I got an ad for a website that guides you through it and finds all the offers for you and decided to give it a try. That was about 2 months ago and last week I ordered a B80 with my profits!! Basically its a way to take advantage of the offers that bookies...
  3. xozzx

    Locking your taps closed

    I have been trying to think of the best way to lock my beer taps closed. I have 2 cats that love to jump up on the keezer and always worried one time they will knock a tap open and empty a keg all over the kitchen. I considered putting a JG valve in the line just before the taps but this will...
  4. xozzx

    Looking for pressure rated inline filter

    I bought a snub nose fermenter but dont have a fridge it will fit in. I am planning to use it for brewing with kviek so will pitch about 35C and leave the fermenter at room temp until finished. I normally cold crash my beers before kegging but wont be able to with the snub nose. I use a bouncer...
  5. xozzx

    Help me choose a pressure fermenter

    Im pretty keen on trying pressure fermenting and been looking at the fermentasaurus snubnose and the fermzilla allrounder - Im allowed to spend around £100 so unfortunately the SS brewtech unitank is out! I have 2 undercounter fermentation fridges and 2 SS brewbuckets, it looks like the...
  6. xozzx

    Max volume to ferment in corny keg

    Im planning to try pressure fermenting in a corny keg tomorrow and wondering what peoples thoughts are on the max volume of wort to transfer in. Ill be using Lallemands voss kviek and letting pressure build to about 12psi. No temp control (got my brew buckets in both my fridges) so planning to...
  7. xozzx

    Floating dip tube in corny keg

    I bought a couple of fermentasurus floating dip tubes to use in my corny kegs. I replaced the beer out dip tube with a gas in dip tube, attached the silicon hose from the floating dip tube to this and tried a transfer of starsan from this keg into another to test it and purge the air from the...
  8. xozzx

    Cleaning corny kegs and leave filled with CO2

    I seem to have emptied a good few of my corny kegs now (despite having 2 FV almost always full!!). I decided to give them all a good service so cleaned thoroughly and replaced orings. I normally fill one keg to the top with starsan then before kegging a beer I transfer the starsan to the next...
  9. xozzx

    Lallemand voss kviek - culture from starter

    I have used a few different liquid kviek yeasts for IPAs and fancied trying lallemands Voss kviek for a Scottish Ale. I normally massively underpitch with kviek (<5mL liquid yeast / 20L batch) but most of what Ive read says to use the full 11g packet of Lallemand for 20L. Im tempted to use...
  10. xozzx

    Rice hulls (or oat husks)

    I am looking at ways to increase my mash efficiency with my GF and wondered if adding rice hulls to my mash might help. Ive never tried them before as I have never had a stuck sparge. I like stronger beers so am often using a higher grain bill than is ideal with GF, I have done a couple of...
  11. xozzx

    Filter - FV to Keg

    I have decided its time to buy a filter for transferring from the FV to keg, just to remove any "bits". I have had the out post of the keg block due to hop debris etc getting stuck. Any recommendations?
  12. xozzx

    Refill sodastream bottles

    Does anyone refill sodastream bottles from their CO2 cylinder. I see a lot of adapters on ebay etc but wondering how safe it is. Are the sodastream bottles rated to the same pressure as the cylinder pressure? I would need to fill with the cylinder upside down to get the liquid CO2 into the...
  13. xozzx

    Bottling from keg help - last straw filler

    Looking for some help with what appears to be random issues with using the last straw with counter pressure attachment. I am finding this very frustrating as sometimes I can fill a full batch of bottles without much issues and other times I just cannot get a single bottle filled without foam...
  14. xozzx

    Yeast and splitting starters help

    I decided the next step in upping my beer game is to use liquid yeast and starters. I watched a few videos about making starters and all looks fairly simple, I even managed to pick up a free magnetic stirrer and stir bars. I have read a bit about splitting the starter and saving some yeast for...
  15. xozzx

    NHC - Anyone entering the National Homebrew Competition 2018?

    I got an advert for this on FB recently and decided to give it a shot... Registration opened mid day today and is already over half full, I decided to enter 2 beers - a wee heavy and a DIPA, just want to see how they compare. No hopes whatsoever of winning anything but thought it would be worth...
  16. xozzx

    CrossMyLoof now selling malt

    Saw on facebook yesterday that CML have now started selling malt. I just so happened to be missing some malted oats for my next recipe so placed an order for 1kg. Their prices are a bit higher than other sites but since they include postage it works out alot cheaper for smaller orders. Note...
  17. xozzx

    My keezer almost finished ;-)

    Just wanted to post up some pics of my keezer, only thing missing now is a drip tray. Have to say Im loving how much easier kegging is than bottling. I ordered a bottling gun (The last straw) so I can fill some bottles to give away, enter comps, take out with me etc.
  18. xozzx

    My Chipolte extra dark stout - Voodoo prodigy

    Ive been playing about to create a beer recipe and use up some of the grains Ive had lying about for a while. Ive had a few spicy pepper stouts which have tasted really good, I know they are not for everyone but I love them, so wanted to try and create one myself. Any comments appreciated...
  19. xozzx

    Recommend a bottle filler (from corny keg)

    I have a 4 keg keezer and would like to be able to free up a couple of the kegs by bottling the remains. I also plan on making a few batches of stout and force carbing then bottling for long term storage. I am tempted by the Blichmann Beer Gun 2.0 but wondered if there are better products out...
  20. xozzx

    Grainfather Wortometer (reviewed post 21)

    An ad for the grainfather wortometer just popped up on my facebook, anyone tried it? At £15 it could be worth a shot, its not a big problem having to manually adjust the flow to get the right temp but if it works well then for £15 its a nice thing to have. I cant find anywhere with stock at the...