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    Nottingham Yeast

    Gotta give props to this stuff. This is the Kveik of winter - with no heatband. Just brewed a St Peter's Creamy Stout bought from our sponsor Brew2Bottle. First day seemed lame in fermentation. But boy this stuff has kicked off lol. Only problem is that the St Peters brew demands the hops...
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    Pressure Brewing with a Rotokeg

    Ok I bought a rotokeg from a charity store a while back but not used it as I don't have the right fittings for it and it is an old rotokeg cap. Yesterday I saw an old youtube vid of brewing beer with a rotokeg under pressure ie 4 days into fermentation. I saw he put like 120g of inverted...
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    Extract vs AG (Savings)

    So a month or so ago that I was considering going AG after a long stint with extract brewing. I am going to buy this : Bru Heat Thorne Electrim Digital Mashing Bucket very soon. I've worked out in terms of fuel and brews that it will pay for itself reasonably quickly. But in terms of out and...
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    Failed Jam wine experiment

    Umm ok I nicked this recipe from youtube. So....4 jars of Strawberry jam. half a kilo of sugar champagne yeast. And the end result? Not even fizzy water. What's gone wrong? I see it going the motions of fermentation still after 4 weeks. It's red but red murky water and has produced mucho...
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    Ebay suxx

    This is just a warning to you guys. I sold something over the xmas period in good faith and described fully to the best that it could be with a 'no' returns on the auction. The lying thieving bastid lied his ass off and still they ruled in his favour despite breaking ebay policy that you...
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    Chippy Tea pulls another master stroke?

    So we all have left overs for tomorrow and what better way to pull off the master stroke by being inspired by a Chippy Tea indian curry. What's for boxing day Tea Chippy? And what curry are you guys doing? xD
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    Beer of the year!

    I would have put this in the other forum slot but seeing as this is brewed. I have to say this, the first brew of this was excellent with spray malt/brewing sugar. Bought from our sponsor brew2bottle, John Bull porter is superb. This time brewed with just cane sugar and the outcome is pretty...
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    BIAB and brewing kit advice

    Ok, having researched my options given my brew/stewpot pans and coming to the conclusion (on advice from said forum brewer that a 5 gallon pot won't be enough) that a 34 litre pan is the way to go. Given that one of those is like £65, it is worth my while just going to buy a brewing system...
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    Looking for that WOW factor - am I falling out of love with beer?

    I am sitting here looking at two glasses, one of them is commercial beer ie Any wychwood beer and the second is one of my own but extract beers that I made (victorian bitter bought from our sponsor - hint hint Brew2Bottle). As I sit here tasting the commercial beer which I used to love btw...
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    Voss Kveik and cane sugar

    My strain of Voss Kveik that I have been using for months on end now has what some people would call a strange penchant for cane sugar as opposed to brewing sugar. Dunno why but my beers come out much better with it too as opposed to brewing sugar. Any ideas on why this might be so?
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    Calling the aid of superman wine chief Chippy Tea! Hjelp

    I brewed some coffee wine recently, just racked it after 6 weeks. I have put some Bentonite in it but that doesn't seem to have stopped the brewing process much and it's not clearing. Any idea's Chippy mate?
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    Homebrew supply deliveries delayed again due to COVID panic buying

    Aye, made small £45 order from Brew2Bottle last Tuesday and I aint heard or seen jack diddly squat from DPD or Royal Mail. Pretty handy at taking the cash from my bank account. Not so good at delivery. Yes I have had the email saying that deliveries will be delayed but by this much? And...
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    So, is it time for us to call last orders on the pubs?

    So, ok, given we have been dealing with Covid-19, then lockdown and then the reopening of pubs where people just don't behave any more. Then you can add the fact that beer is worse than its usual standard along with they are selling less varieties of it due to less applicable custom. Is it...
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    Gozdawa extract beer kits

    Having brewed my first kit of this brand back in November which was the Baltic porter I wasn't overly impressed with it but currently drinking the German Alt bier and I must say it's delicious! Anybody else tried the rest of their range? ;)
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    The great brew save!

    Aye, had the misfortune of having a split spiggot in my FV last night. And after some very quick thinking I managed to save my master brew dark ale that I brewed last night. So here's how I did it. 1 Most of my kegs were either full or not sanitised. But I had one that previously had been...
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    With love brewing having their service resume (save for extract cans) as normal. I do wonder when brew2bottle are gonna have their postal service back to normal. Last order took 8 days to reach me with it only just up the road from my home town. It's my 50th in a few weeks and I'd like some...
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    Forced carb equipment

    So I have 3 pressure barrels which can tolerate 10 PSI. Bit tired of the glug glug glug at the end of the barrel (must be air trapped or something) but if I put the cane sugar in after the beer is in the barrel I don't get that. They all have S30 fixtures but a couple of them look different...
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    Wondering about Kveik and..

    I am not that far off from brewing all grain and partials now. Rather bored of extract brewing per se. However, as a last throw, I know some of you will think it a waste. But I do intend to harvest the Kveik that I intend to buy. But I am asking for recommendations for brewing with Kveik and...
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    Am I weird?

    Just brewed two lagers and didn't bother to carbonate either. It seems I have a penchant for uncarbonated lager. Does this make me weird? Discuss and btw rofl it's true I do like it this way and hate lager normally.
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    Yea, I know, I won this and I am a barsteward for winning. I left a review recently on the B2b forum and I just want to add something further via the forum As an extract brew, this is extremely delicious. I did cheat and used cane sugar to brew this, which may be the reason I am experiencing...