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  1. folkpunk

    Folkpunk's Brewdays 2021

    Bought myself a Brewzilla and took the plunge into AG. First time using was a fortnight ago where I did the Totally Tropical recipe from James Morton. So slightly delayed report here. 9th January 2021 Used Safale US-05 Yeast and re-hydrated (2 packs) whilst preparing. Put Brewzilla together...
  2. folkpunk

    Fermentation Fridge

    Finally got a fermentation fridge in action today. A few weeks back I got a free fridge and set about converting. Created a wooden shelf with holes to allow heat from a tube heater mounted underneath. Used an Inkbird to control heating/cooling. I figured it would be easier to feed cable...
  3. folkpunk


    Hi, I'm a new member from Eastleigh nr Southampton. I have been making cider from apples, wine from grapes and beer from kits ;). I'm interested in the brew technology and am thinking of moving into all grain. First step though is to make a fermentation fridge!