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  1. JoeisBatman

    Stainless Steel Minikegs - Teething Issues?

    Hey guys, So I got sick of bottling and all the faff involved and pulled the trigger on a couple of stainless steel 5L minikegs and a tap/CO2 regulator. I attempted to bottle 10Lish into two kegs and then force prime one by by shaking at 20 PSI. I think I noticed a CO2 leak as a result of a...
  2. JoeisBatman

    Lack of Fermentation Control - Best Yeast for my conditions?

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to brewing and as it stands, I don't have proper fermentation control. I ferment in a cupboard in my house where the wort is around 24 degrees celsius the majority of the time (might fluctuate down to 22 or up to 26 very occasionally). I've been using US-05 for my...
  3. JoeisBatman

    Joe's Brewday

    Hey all! I'm very new to brewing, so thought I'd share my first brew from my own recipe. I've gone for a New England IPA style beer and quite influenced by Brewdog's Hazy Jane: Mash: 25-Minutes Boil: 60-Minutes OG: 1.061 Estimated FG: 1.012 Est. ABV: 6.4% Batch Size: 10 Litres Fermentables...
  4. JoeisBatman

    Just a Christmas Brewing Noob Introducing Himself!

    Hi everyone, Just introducing myself as I received the Punk IPA Brooklyn Brew kit for Christmas and stumbled upon the forum - it's helped me a lot already. I've had one eye on the idea of brewing for ages, but with this complete surprise Christmas present, I now have no excuse! I did the...