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  1. BlackIsland

    UK Brew Clubs

    Hello lads and ladies, I know this will sound a bit nuts, but bear with me. We're looking at moving to the UK to retire, haven't decided where, and are taking a ton of variables into account. One would be access to like-minded people when it comes to brewing. Where might I find the more active...
  2. BlackIsland

    Where is the softest water?

    It just hit me today that if/when I move to the UK, I'll be giving up my nearly softest water in the world tapwater. So, if I want to keep my soft tapwater but live over there, what city/town/village should I be looking at?
  3. BlackIsland

    Power Converter for US kegerator

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience using a US fridge in the UK? I'd like to not have to give up my Rosie the Kegerator if/when we move to the UK, but I understand that the power converter might still end up frying it. It's a 1959 General Electric. Oh, and I'm wondering now if I will even be...
  4. BlackIsland

    Buying full bags of grain

    Some of you may have seen my post on The Snug, asking about places to retire in the UK. This is a continuing exploration of that possibility. I prefer brewing as cheaply as possible, and so here in the US I buy my grains by the bag and store them in sealed containers, cutting the price on many...
  5. BlackIsland

    Retiring on £40K, where in the UK would you want to live?

    Just like the title says, what would be your first choice? Why? I hope this is not an offensive question, so I apologize if it is. We're eyeing retirement in the next decade, and all of the places in the US that have lower costs of living have miserable weather (exceedingly hot, humid, or...
  6. BlackIsland

    A Septic's Trip to the UK

    For the next three weeks, this Yank will be making a whirlwind tour through the UK. We'll be having lots of pub meals, so suggestions on local beers in the following cities/towns/villages would be greatly appreciated: Bath, Newquay, Porthcawl, Conwy, Great Salkeld, York, and London.
  7. BlackIsland

    Visiting Wales

    My wife and I are making a trip to the UK and Ireland in September, and while we have most of our itinerary fleshed out, we're still up in the air about Wales. Initially we were looking at spending a night in Cardiff after touring some of the sites in South Wales, such as Tintern Abbey, and...
  8. BlackIsland

    Hello from the States

    Greetings! I found you through a google search for Yorkshire bitters, and thought a UK brewing forum would be a good place to start. Good to see homebrewing is alive and well in the UK. I've been brewing since '96, with no real mission than to have fun, get better, and make beer I like to...