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  1. Portreath

    Making cider with no press

    Is it possible to make cider without a press? I've just found a tree properly loaded with apples in our local woods, apples taste nice too. I recon I could get a couple of ruck sacks full of the things. Cheers
  2. Portreath

    Marmite Beer

    Of late I've been getting through shed loads of Marmite, in fact I'm saying away form any thing sweet as I fear I may start fermenting!ashock1 I know that Marmite is a by-product of the Beer brewing industry, so I wondering if I can go full circle and make a Marmite beer?
  3. Portreath

    Not sure what to call it.

    Hi all, my first brew back after a bit of time off. I put together this: It started out at 18ltrs at 1.085, I now have 3 demijohns full as I racked off the wort into secondary, and a little spare in original FV which might go into a couple of 500ml bottles. I pitched two packs of MJ Liberty...
  4. Portreath

    Black malt recipe ideas

    Hi I have a surplus of black malt, must have approx 700g. Does anyone have a recipe that will use up a fair bit of this.?
  5. Portreath

    Torrified Wheat Sub

    Hi all In the absence of torrified wheat for tomorrow's brew day, a Midland style mild ale. Has anyone had any success subing out the wheat for whole rolled oats. I picked these up during the weekly shop this afternoon?
  6. Portreath

    Big Beer Fermentation

    I've recently put together and AG old ale and it's a few days in the beer fridge fermenting at 20c. Starting gravity was 1.082 so I'm expecting it to come out at around 9.4% abv. I recently read that big abv ales should be left for about a month to finish fermenting as there is a risk that...
  7. Portreath

    Back to brewing

    Hi All, It's been a while since I've last posted, new job, new house and a bit more free time now. Anyhow, thought I'd get stuck in to brewing again with an AG Barley/Porter hybrid which should be good for Christmas 2021. Simple recipe, with pale, chocolate, crystal, scraps of torrified wheat...
  8. Portreath

    Campden tablet addition

    I've noticed a few people add campden tabs to the sparge water. I use good old Cornish tap water, so would there be any benefit to be gained by adding campden to the water?
  9. Portreath

    Tarmac cyclist

    On the morning run today I had two cyclists on separate occasions and locations jump red lights. I'm starting to see a lot of this and it's only a matter of time before one of these numpties comes unstuck and get integrated in the tarmac. Apart from causing danger to themselves or other road...
  10. Portreath

    Old Tom

    Just waiting on a delivery of hops and DM before trying my first Old Tom Ale. I've just started drinking an old ale I made on October, so I hope this turns out half as good. 5440 g Pale malt 455 g Crystal 60L 455 g White Sugar 155 g Chocolate malt 750 g Dry Malt Extract...
  11. Portreath

    Beer line fittings

    I have a 9.5 mm beer line pipe to a G style keg coupler. I'm looking for a reducer or connector that will allow me to connect the beer line to a standard garden hose pipe. I'm looking to use this set up to clean and sanitize a 30ltr keg. a Has anyone come across something like this?
  12. Portreath

    Grundy (G style) keg for reuse

    I mentioned way back that I've come in to ownership (legally) of a few kegs when my wife took over a restaurant. We got rid of the pile of kegs out back, by leaving them out for the dray that delivers to the pub next door, but no one would take the little 30ltr keg. So I'm going try to use it in...
  13. Portreath

    Robinsons Old Tom clone

    I'm planning the brew Robinsons old tom from GWs BYOBRA. The recipe looks sound enough, although I'm guessing its based on a fairly good brew-house efficiency. as mine is only at about 58% at the mo I've worked into the recipe 700g DME to get me up to the 8.5% Is this addition likely to make...
  14. Portreath

    sticky toffee pudding

    I tried this the other night and it was quite nice: Eagle Brewery Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale. I'd like to give at a go, but don't have a clue as to how they get the toffee flavour in there. Anyone tried anything similar?
  15. Portreath


    I made a milk stout last Sunday, and left it in the boil kettle to cool down. I was called away and have been busy all week, so when I get to the Kettle the wort will have been sitting it it for a week. It's been covered all week so I'm wondering if it will be safe to decant to the FV, or I...
  16. Portreath

    60/40 gas for milk stout

    I've just put on a milk stout and I'm thinking of dropping into the Corny keg when ready. I have C02 on the generator at the mo, but I also have a bottle or two of 60/40. Has anyone used this mix for stouts?
  17. Portreath

    Recipe Idea

    I've plenty of pale malt (25kg sack of Muntons) and a couple of packets of Kolsh yeast to use. Does anyone have a tip or two for using the two together?
  18. Portreath

    English Old Ale..with a Twist

    Managed to squeeze in a brew day and now have 21 ltrs of Old Ale in the fermenter. I was aiming for 8% final, however the efficiency looks to be only 55%, so now have an OG of 1.066 so should come out about 7.1, not too fussed though. I think next time I’ll add a kilo of DME to try and...
  19. Portreath

    Big IBU opps

    Brewed a black IPA today, but had a little mishap. Looks like I will have something that will come out at 122 IBU..Shoooot! The wort is cooling down over night so I'm scratching my head as to what to do...add it to another wort boil and get two 23ltr batches or go for a ridiculously high IBU...
  20. Portreath

    Back to brewing

    Hi Brew dudes!!! After working 7 days a week and way too many hours a day in the diner this summer, the tourists have all but sodded off, so less hours to work which means I'm now able to plan a brew day. Thinking of a Black IPA kind of like St Austell's Proper black. Has anyone tried this style?