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  1. Drunkula

    Asda Toshiba Induction Hob £22 - Inductiana Jones and wok tested - BARGAIN!

    Toshiba 2000 watt portable induction hob for £22. I've just tested it for use as an Inductiana Jones https://www.thehomebrewforum.co.uk/media/inductiana-jones-the-genius-of-tight-fistedness-personified.915/ And even in that fermenter which has a stepped bottom which means the metal lid I use...
  2. Drunkula

    Wilkos Have Discontinued Bottle Caps

    Bottle caps in Wilkos for me were an excuse just to go in. One of those Have I got enough? I can't remember... things where I just thought I'll get some more, they're only a quid. That sometimes had me adding them to a pile of maybe 5 or 6 bags when I got home, but I didn't mind and it never...
  3. Drunkula

    Spunding Without Spending

    First of all go round your gran's or an elderly neighbours and steal the lid from their pressure cooker. The extra knowledge of knowing they'll be going "Well nobody would just steal the lid, we'll just keep looking." is an added bonus and tends to throw off them suspecting anything. Unscrew...
  4. Drunkula

    CML Kristalweizen brewed at 39°c / 102f vs CML Voss Kveik

    I made an elderflower wheat and did a three way split 1. Voss @ 39c 2. CML Kristalweizen @ 39c 2. Voss @ room temp Just tasted the first 2 as they're ready for priming and bottling. The voss has that citrus tartness that thankfully levelled off with first two batches I did with it. Just like...
  5. Drunkula

    'Stressed' yeast going bonkers

    Upfront: Can underpitched stressed yeast go bonkers? I just brewed a recipe from the Greg Hughes book - the dark wheat. Original gravity 1.060. That's of course too straightforward so I decided to try and stress some yeast to see if I get some mad flavours. While the wort was no-chillin' I...
  6. Drunkula

    Hazy Beer on Food Unwrapped Tonight (2nd March 2020)

    Coming up in this thead something you're interested in but first some things you're not. Now before the bit you're interested in let's remind you about the bits you weren't... Oh sorry, got carried away with the show format: 20:30 channel 4 Food Unwrapped "How do brewers make their trendy...
  7. Drunkula

    Lidl Step Drills

    https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/diy/parkside-specialised-drill-bit-set/p28855 They've got the 3 step drill set for £3.99 starting today, sizes going up to 32mm which is more than enough for 1 inch fittings. Plus you can make lovely grommet holes for all your electrical doobries and put them in a...
  8. Drunkula

    £15 off a £30 spend with new Paypal accounts plus £20 even for existing.

    https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/last-minute-holiday-shopping Ok - so you've got to sign up for an account and verify your phone and email address - I did a new account and it also said there'd be £20 in the next 48 hours that just seems to be free. I'll let you know when they arrive...
  9. Drunkula

    The Saxophone.

    The 80s ruined the saxaphone. I really hate saxaphones now.
  10. Drunkula

    Has anybody tried any of these kits?

    Link to the kits here. Go to page 147. Wonder if anyone has tried them. And if you go back a few pages do you know how easy item 5 is to install?
  11. Drunkula

    Cidery because of sugar? Not a kit and a kilo experiment

    Last night was the 8 week tasting of an experiment where I brewed a full grain version of a beer up against the same thing but replacing some grain with sugar making it equivalent to a kit and a kilo. So 200g of table sugar per gallon which BeerSmith says is 31% of the grain bill. I knew which...
  12. Drunkula

    Newest Posts unclickable in chrome

    The .mainContainer div is obscuring mouse clicks on the newest post panel - if you disable the float or width or margin you can click them again but of course it messes up the design. Disabling all extensions doesn't solve it. It's fine in Firefox and Explorer so I'm blaming Chrome's renderer.
  13. Drunkula

    Mash acidification with Coca Cola

    I've just looked it up and Coke is the same as 17% phosphoric acid. For acidifying the mash on my last brew I had to use 0.15 ml of 60% lactic acid per litre - I could do the same thing with 0.5 ml / litre of coke. That's nothing - would you taste that in a beer? Probably not. Anyone wanna...
  14. Drunkula

    Fullers 1845

    I'm culturing up from 1845 at the moment. I accidentally turned the plate off overnight and there's about 4mm of yeast in the bottom of a caffetiere so it's really coming along. Two bottle dregs straight into a litre of 1.040 spraymalt wort, and I forgot about yeast nutrient. Have you tried...
  15. Drunkula

    Backpressure causing stuck ferment?

    I saw an owner of a company (not calling anyone out) say that overfilling airlocks can cause too much backpressure that can lead to a stuck ferment. Now because of all the brewing under pressure with faancy valves and all that I thought this sounded like it might not be true. Anybody heard of...
  16. Drunkula

    Anybody seen this torp/sub things?

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/the-sub-heineken-home-beer-dispenser-compact-edition-49-please-do-not-offer-request-referrals-2964537#thread-comments I've just discovered that... atrocity. It's worse than a sodastream. People don't realise how economically diabolical sodastreams are - you're...
  17. Drunkula

    Heated Cool Box £29.99 delivered

    https://www.jtf.com/cool-box-24l-12v-230v.html HOTBOX14 code to get the price down and delivery is £4.99 Say it heats 55 - 65c which could be a good start for mashing.
  18. Drunkula

    Infrared Thermometer £4.10

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/digital-ir-infrared-thermometer-with-lcd-screen-410-wcode-gamiss-2874099 See the thread for the discount code at the top of the page.
  19. Drunkula

    Carbonation effect on flavour, body and bitterness.

    I made a pseudo porter thing from 2kg pale malt, 2kg extra dark DME, oats and target for bittering and a fuggle hop tea at keg/bottling. It finished on keg the other day and was pretty nice. Chocolatey, smooth, pretty alright. Just tried some that I'd bottled and it was far more bitter and...