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  1. RustyV8

    Suggestions for a small extract based NEIPA?

    Hi guys I have a bunch of bottles just begging to be filled - but i've only enough empties to accommodate a 10-12ltr brew. Id love to try a fruity NEIPA - but i'm still only doing LME can brews so far. with some hops additions. Id be happy to try an extract + hopps experiment, I could...
  2. RustyV8

    Fining in the Primary FV?

    Hi guys.. Ill be bottling next week and I would like to try fining using gelatin (my first time to try that). Is it ok to do that is the primary FV also? (I only have one FV) Does it need to be mixed in and will that risk disturbing the trub too much, or is it just poured in and it does it’s...
  3. RustyV8

    Bavarian Pilsner with Kölsch yeast..

    Morning all.... As the title says, i'm currently brewing a Bavarian Pilsner - using one of the 'Customise your Coopers Can' recipes from Aussiehomebrewing. Those recipes dont give any recomendation on the yeast to use so I assume they expect you to use the one that comes with the can. So me...
  4. RustyV8

    Brew#2 - Bavarian Pilsner

    Hi guys - I’m about to start brew #2 this weekend. I'm going for a ‘Bavarian Pilsner’ to use up a Coopers can I have on hand. Ingredients I'll use are as follows, but I have 3 questions please: 1 can of Coopers Lager (Original series, the one that comes with the brew kit) 500g Dextrose 300g...
  5. RustyV8

    Anyone made a ‘Red Baron Bock’?

    Hi guys, I have a Coopers lager kit to use up and wondering if anyone has made the below Coopers recipe? I’m wondering how dark this is going to be.... any info welcome.. thanks! RED BARON BOCK A beautiful German style dark lager. 1 can of Coopers Draught 1 kg Light Dry Malt Extract 150g...
  6. RustyV8

    Ambient temperature advise for brewing..

    Hi all, So, this is my very first brew and very first post related to brewing .... so please be gentle! :-) I seriously cant wait to get started but am trying to curb my enthusiasm so that i do it right the first time (or close to right anyway). Ive purchased a Coopers kit and am going to go...
  7. RustyV8

    Greetings from Finland!

    Hi all.... hello from an Irish bloke now living up north in Finland. Just invested in my very first beer making kit today and can’t wait to get started.... so apologies in advance for all the stupid newbie questions I’m sure I’ll ask.... cheers! Alan