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  1. JFB

    New kit arrived so today I brew 😁

    My mate is just tucking into to there red IPA, he's really impressed.. Hopefully he'll drop a bottle off to me soon🤞
  2. JFB

    If you could only take one beer with you to a desert island what would it be?

    New Zealand hopped saison for me👍
  3. JFB

    Bread Porn

    First time baking sourdough croissant. Look the picture 👍 but crumb wasn't quite right. I look forward to trying again..
  4. JFB

    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    I used a 15l bag and gave a gentle stir to try and get good contact. Fully agree though. It was no more hoppy than my normal 100g dry hops. I'm not mad on mega hoppy beers but would be nice to get the style right👍 I work in a brewery and was chatting to the head brewer about ipa's. He...
  5. JFB

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Tesco shop today so picked a classic up🙌
  6. JFB

    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    Yea because I used the bag as well it held a ton! Bubbles and froth everywhere 🤣😅 Do you use a Syphon or tap? Can see that being a problem..
  7. JFB

    Bread Porn

    I've tried a few sourdough flatbread recipes in the past and not been that happy. So decided to work it out for myself. 250g bread flour 200g water 100g starter Salt Very high hydration. Worked a treat. Putting a lid on the pan when dry frying definitely helped big time.
  8. JFB

    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    What's the procedure with a big dry hop schedule? Very rarely dry hop with over 100g of hops. Recently made a punk clone that had 320g of dry hops! I decided to use a small biab bag to hop. Lifting this out the fv and squeezing all the beer out was a bit of a drama. Had flash backs of all the...
  9. JFB

    Just say "no" to yeast rinsing (a.k.a. yeast washing in amatuer brewer terms)

    I've just been using the jam jar of trub method since I saw a thread on here about it. It's cheap easy and simple 👍 God knows how many generations my us-05 and Wyeast Kolsch are?? I chose not to worry about the science of brewing simply because I'm not that academicly minded. Jars of trub work...
  10. JFB

    What's ya cost saver?

    I brew short and shoddy(30 minute boil). Reuse yeast, no new starters just jars of trub. And luckily not a hop head so less than 100g is normal. Have a lovely ESK hop plant🙌
  11. JFB

    Beer swap reviews

    So had a winter dark saison delivered from @samale Luckily he sent a 500ml bottle so went splits with the missus. Poured amazing. When held up against the light, a beautiful deep amber colour. Head retention good that held till the last sip. Roasty leather on the nose. Flavour wise, pruney dark...
  12. JFB

    Beer swap reviews

    However you want @Drunkula free range, there's no right or wrong🤘
  13. JFB

    Beer swap reviews

    A place to share bottle swap reviews. Post away 👍
  14. JFB

    Is there a general review thread?

    I know quite a few on here swap bottles. Is there one thread where all can post reviews on those beers? I've got a couple from @samale be nice to post up somewhere.. And read others reviews.
  15. JFB

    What did you brew today?

    Not today, but brewed a milk stout a couple of days ago, Marris Chocolate Roast barley Light and dark crystal.. quite a lot going on. Lactose sugar Wilko yeast and some home grown ESK
  16. JFB

    February 2021 comp - Dark beers

    I posted a Belgian barley wine yesterday 👍 Bit of a brute at 12.8%
  17. JFB

    Anyone mad enough to grow their own hops?

    I've got EKG had enough for a brew first year and second year went nuts! Certainly enough EKG for the year. I use it for bittering in my stouts and porters. I just guessed the alpha acids🤣 Also grew a cascade that's given me about 30g of fresh each year. I'm going to move it soon and hope that...
  18. JFB

    Induction Hobs

    There a little slower than gas.. I fill my pot with hot water from the tap. I've got a combi style boiler so it's not hanging around. I'm mashing in in the time it takes to mill my pre weighed grains
  19. JFB

    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    🙌🙌 She's a beaut mate..😍
  20. JFB

    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    Awesome crumb mate👍👍 Maybe try a tea towel over muslin. The dough should be moist. And if you have it, either gluten free of rice flour for dusting before going in your proving basket as it's very none stick. Looking forward to your next one👍