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  1. Grealish

    Diluting at bottling stage.

    I have recently become more efficient in my brewing, plus my new kettle seems to be set to nuke. As a result, I am brewing some very pleasant but very strong beer. All good except I am having a few earlier nights than I really want. I tried to brew a sessionish 5% bitter and it came out at about...
  2. Grealish

    Malvern Hills Brewery Black Pear

    I'm a big fan of this bitter and want to brew a low abv summer bitter. I can't find any hints other than the fact there is a mixture of hops. Does anyone have an idea as to the recipe.
  3. Grealish

    Where do you buy hops?

    I am getting together the ingredients for some brews, a couple of which will be very US hop heavy. I used to use Malt Miller but have recently found his hops very expensive plus I don't order enough to get free delivery. I changed to Brew UK but the order came with split bags of grain (to be...
  4. Grealish

    Plug in immersion heater

    If I make a 10 litre brew I have used a pot direct on the cooker. Sadly, the bottom got warped using it to make jam so it now doesn’t work on my hob. I’m thinking of using one of these to heat up the initial 12 litres of wort. My question is, would it be powerful enough...
  5. Grealish

    Stainless fermenters

    I want to move to stainless fermenters. I can't afford a conical. Does anyone have any suggestions of a cheap simple stainless bucket. I'm thinking of a Maischfest fermenter Maischfest-Fermenting-Kettle-25-Litre-Fermentation-Tube-304-Stainless-Steel-25-Ltr.html
  6. Grealish

    Good Beer in Brittany

    I’m on holiday in Brittany. Can anyone recommend a good local (or at least French) beer I am likely to find in supermarkets here.
  7. Grealish

    Reusing yeast from high ABV beer

    I have harvested yeast (WY1318) from a Double IPA which came out at about 8.5%. Will it be ok to reuse it for a 6% NEIPA?
  8. Grealish

    Malvern Hills Spring Water

    Does anyone use the water from the various springs in Malvern and if so what styles does the profile suit?
  9. Grealish

    Soda crystals for cleaning bottles

    I'm sure I read somewhere that soaking bottles in soda crystals is a good way to get crud off them, but I can't find it anywhere. Have I imagined it?
  10. Grealish

    Wychwood Bottles

    I have used these without any problems but have heard they don’t always seal with a regular crown cap. I stopped using them as I had plenty of others but, after an enthusiastic spell of brewing, I’m running low and only have Wychwood bottles left. Has anyone had problems with them?
  11. Grealish

    Cultivating sour yeast.

    I have cultivated a healthy amount of yeast from a bottle of Gueze that I bought in Waitrose. I'm a big fan of Andrew Morton's recipes and he recommends adding the dregs of sour beers to bought sour yeast. Is there any reason I can't just grow the yeast I have to full size and pitch that?
  12. Grealish

    How will this taste???

    I just had the most low stress brew day so far and as the last of the wort went into the fermenter, I unclipped my cooler... and as the hose popped off a big slurp of water from the hose landed in the cooled wort. The brew was one of those hoppy IPASs with no additions until the wort had cooled...
  13. Grealish

    Another home brew shop closing

    My local home brew shop, Dave's Home Brew in Worcester, is closing after three years. It's sad for me because my wife foolishly got me into home brewing after popping in there. I tried to get my grain and extract from him and bought some equipment but like most small shops he couldn't stock...
  14. Grealish

    Connecting 10mm chiller to tap

    I made myself a chiller from 10mm copper pipe a while ago and it has worked fine until the 10mm hose I had jammed over it split. I tried using 12mm hose with a hose clip but that didn't work. Has anybody got a simple way to do this?
  15. Grealish

    Over attenuation

    I recently brewed using harvested Wyeast 1028. OG was 1.046. Expected FG was around 1.013, actual was 1.003. I fermented for just over two weeks at 19º. I was concerned it must be infected so I tried the hydrometer sample and it tastes fine. Maximum expected attenuation for this yeast is 77%, I...
  16. Grealish

    Hops in Yeast

    I recently brewed a very heavily dry hopped beer. I didn't collect the yeast as I dry hopped with loose leaves which were all through the trub. However, I collected the dregs from a couple of bottles to grow on. I've come to use it today and there is visible flecks of green in my yeast. Will...
  17. Grealish

    Making small beer.

    I am going to brew 10 litres of golden ale and 10 litres of small beer from 2KG MO and 250g Vienna. Essentially I will follow the usual schedule for a 2 step batch sparge as if I was making a 20 litre brew, but the second batch sparge (i.e. half the brew length) will go to make the small beer. I...