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  1. BeerisGOD

    Aldi seem to be pulling out all the stops

    Iv noticed aldi are doing a lot more craft ales particularly the cans. God knows the names but ive been pleasantly suprised with the varieties of hops used ranging from mosaic, galaxy ella simcoe (the list goes on) And being a traditionalist i left the proper job till last but was underwhelmed...
  2. BeerisGOD

    black IPA malt recipe ideas please?

    Hello All Please cam anyone help me make an order for some grains It seems theres way too many ideas on this style which seems to end up leaning towards a stout/porter Im considering atm pale malt, cafara special III and crystal. Would i be missing out by shunning any other grains?
  3. BeerisGOD

    Brown malt a dying grain?

    Hello all. Is brown malt now not a grain of choice anymore. I tried finding threads on it but not much came up. What i did note is not to use too much. Im planning a maris otter and brown malt beer later withsome challenger and east kent goldings. Is anyone using this malt lately and have they...
  4. BeerisGOD

    Bramling and willamette dry hop?

    Hi all Before i throw these in i just thought id see if anyones dry hopped with these separately or together with good results or not so good. So ill wait till tomorrow and hppefully theyl be some helpful posts. Cheers
  5. BeerisGOD

    Old crushed grain

    Anyone else risked a brew with old crushed grain that wasnt stored particularly well. Im considering finishing off the above mentioned but for the sake of a few quid would rather not but i just hate throwing grains away. Anyone had a good brew from old grain?
  6. BeerisGOD

    Geterbrewed not available

    Hi guys Ive been a bit out of touch with buying beer stuff online as i had a shop near me but as this has now closed for trade im about to order some bits for my next beer. I noticed geterbrewed is saying temporarily out of service but has this been like this a while? Im willing to wait a few...
  7. BeerisGOD

    O rings for quick tap

    Hi everyone I was looking at some of these on ebay for under 2 quid for over a dozen. Does anyone else use alternative ones to youngs who charge a small fortune for just one? Im not going to risk a bad brew though so if buying this one is the only option so be it Cheers
  8. BeerisGOD

    Adding hops to mash?

    I thought I'd see if anyone has done this and why? Think. I read another thread on here a while ago about it Can someone please explain what the purpose is of this
  9. BeerisGOD

    PM question ...

    HI All will the mash be unbalanced if my base malt (maris otter) is at 30.6% and flaked barley at 13.9%? I will be adding 908g of LME t the boil so will I still get good effiencey and conversion through the mash if I don't up the base malt?
  10. BeerisGOD

    Carapils with porter?

    Hi everyone I bought a pack of this a month ago as I was planning on using it with an IPA but went with Crystal malt in the end But as I have two IPA batches Im leaning toward a porter tonight using some left over grains (pale chocolate, flaked barley Maris for base) Now instead of opening...
  11. BeerisGOD

    Before I buy m42 mangrove yeast..

    Any good views on this one? I was close to ordering the empire one but going by other sites its attenuation is a bit poor Cheers
  12. BeerisGOD

    Hydro temp limit?

    Hello all I was curious as to how people take SG readings during sparging with the risk of shattering the hydro or can these cope with high temps? If so ill finally be able to start taking readings Cheers
  13. BeerisGOD

    Has anyone bought this Mini Keg Starter Kit?

    Hello beer patriots I'm considering this kit and was hoping he anyone else has this and what the advantages or disadvantages were It's the best price ive seen considering the party tap can be around fifty quid on its own One question I wanted to ask was how long do the canisters last...
  14. BeerisGOD

    Best yeast choice for a stout?

    I know s-04 gets a bit of stick but would this yeast be best for my next stout?
  15. BeerisGOD

    How many breweries lie about IPA'S?

    what defines an IPA? It seems lots of breweries are using this as a selling tool when in fact all they are, are Pale Ales. Prob the reason ive given up buying even craft beers stating theyre IPA's when they have the most **** poor amount of hops.
  16. BeerisGOD

    Programmes that over ran theyre welcome

    Im sitting here after a draining day at work having to watch a series on Netflix called 'Grace and Frankie' starring the never ageing Jane Fonda with the misses. Its starting to dawn on me how long the series has been going for. Apparently theres five series and were just on the third (12 odd...
  17. BeerisGOD

    Beer in keg condition quicker?

    ..than bottle conditioning? Just a random question. Just ive never kegged and im noticing beer thats been in the bottle longer tastes a lot better. But if i can get a more improved beer sooner in a keg thaen im willing to give kegging a go. Cheers
  18. BeerisGOD

    Hop tea maximum grams?

    Im aware you can go mad with dry hopping but would of hops for a hop tea excessive? Im planning on using the rest of my centinial and cascade and believe its around 80g in total. The plan was a 30 min steep in 65c water. I cant see a problem but thought id see what everyone else thought. The...
  19. BeerisGOD

    No caffertia/french press for hop tea

    Does anyone have another idea to get the most out of a hop tea without one of the above appliances?
  20. BeerisGOD

    diluted over a litre too much

    Bit of a clanger chaps. meant to just top off the FV a litre, but forgot it was a 2 litre bottle (derrr!), in my anger I forgot to check the SG afterwards and pitched. ive got a feeling its still gonna be a nice strong beer. I was aiming for brewersfriend recipe builder 1.049 anyhow. the OG...