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  1. kidda

    Cleaning pressure barrel

    Newbie here and the time has come to clean my pressure barrel for the first time ready for the next brew. It's one of the cheap Youngs barrels and I've filled it with warm water and the youngs cleaner to soak over night. Question is, am I best just leaving the tap on afterwards or should I be...
  2. kidda

    Woodfordes Nog help, no airlock action

    This is only my second brew so maybe nothing to worry about. Started this on Friday, bubbles every second in the airlock on the second day, now on the third day nothing at all. Temperature is sitting at 19 according to the lcd thingy. It was at 21ish on Friday when I started it. Should I move...
  3. kidda

    Split between barrel and bottles

    Newbie question: If I wand to split my brew say 20 in bottles then PB the rest which is the best way to do this? Rack into bottling bucket with priming sugar, do my bottles then syphon the rest to the PB. Rack straight into the PB with priming sugar then fill the bottles straight from the PB...
  4. kidda

    Chemsan let dry or not

    Hi, new to this home brewing. I plan to bottle my first brew the weekend and I have some Chemsan no rinse. Instructions say to let it dry but I know it's supposed to be just like Starsan. I've seen you can use Starsan and just fill your bottles after sanitising with no need to dry. Anyone...