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  1. Scott Begbie

    Under-primed - Advice Required

    Evening everyone! Bottled my pimped-up MYO Irish Stout last night and had an 'oh feck' moment today, when, out of the blue, I realised that I'd under-primed. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I batch primed for 17 x 500ml bottles @ 4g per bottle, but I got a yield of 28 bottles. Don't ask! So, instead of 4g of sugar per...
  2. Scott Begbie

    Best Commercial Mead?

    Hope it's OK to ask this question, but what are people's thoughts on the best commercial mead in the UK? Something up to the value of £20. I've made que a few home brew meads in the past year but the only commercial one that I've tried is the Lymebay Black Cherry Mead. I just want a comparison...
  3. Scott Begbie

    Honig Klause Heidenau

    While browsing the 'net for brewing stuff to buy, I came across this brand of Mead. A search on the forums here produced zero results. They have about 8 different flavours and at £15.99 a bottle, I'd expect a decent mead. Has anyone tried them?
  4. Scott Begbie

    Horse Racing Night

    Hope someone can help me out here. My father-in-law turns 80 in a couple of weeks, and as he's a keen horse racing fan, we'd like to have a wee race night for him at his house. Are any of you aware of free online horse racing games that we can put on the laptop/tv? I did think about just...
  5. Scott Begbie

    The Range MYO Irish Stout

    Afternoon everyone! This is my first attempt at a beer kit and I'm at the carbing stage just now, 6 days in. The bottles are very firm, almost solid, so the demerara sugar priming is doing its thing. I've read many threads on here with hints and tips for these kits but I don't think I've seen...
  6. Scott Begbie

    Volatile Hibiscus

    Note to self, and anyone else that is making, or about to make a hibiscus mead... Since my first hibiscus mead, which was a Viking Blood clone, I discovered that these meads foam up quite a bit and a blowoff tube is always required for the first few days of fermentation. Well tonight, I took...
  7. Scott Begbie

    Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Clone

    I've made this wine following a recipe on the WOW thread - thread number 52 by Wino2012. I followed the recipe to the letter, except the yeast - I used D47. Checked it tonight - FG of 0.996. Its done. But, it's very bland. Not the zingy taste of a Sauvignon Blanc. Maybe not using the yeast...
  8. Scott Begbie

    Youngs Wine Finings - Storage

    Evening everyone! I opened the two sachets of youngs wine finings about a month ago to clear a demijohn of mead. I used about a fifth of each sachet as I only needed 1 gallon to be cleared and the sachets are good for 5 gallons. The remainder of each sachet was kept in an empty glass miniature...
  9. Scott Begbie

    Amount of Honey in UK Gallon

    Hello all, I've made 5 different batches of mead so far in my new hobby of mead making. With each recipe I've followed, I'm sure they're all to US gallon measures. So, where a recipe asks for 3lbs of honey, should I be scaling that up to suit an Imperial gallon? What do you guys do?
  10. Scott Begbie

    JOAM Clearing

    Hello all, need some advice please! I racked my JAOM to secondary after 10 weeks - when the fruit dropped and the mead was fairly clear. However I picked up some sediment in the racking process and my secondary didn't clear after another 3 weeks, despite being in my attic at temperatures of...
  11. Scott Begbie

    Wilko 12" Thermometer

    Hi everyone. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I've had a search and can't see any posts. Tried to buy a replacement 12" thermometer (snapped my other one in two) from Wilko Scarborough yesterday, only to be told that they are now discontinued. I've since ordered one online but its...
  12. Scott Begbie

    Hi Everyone!

    I've experimenting with mead at the moment and may break into wine and beer if all goes well. I've been doing a lot of research on this and other forums, as well as Youtube videos. Soooo much info to absorb! Anyway, I've just bottled my first traditional, backsweetened mead and have a Joe's...