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  1. Seaside brew

    Dry hop scaling??

    Evening all. Hope everyone Is having a nice Friday evening. I’m after a bit of advice... again! I’ve recently paid the couple of quid to download Harrison’s brewery’s vacant gesture recipe and have scaled all the fermentables and boil hop additions but I can find a way of scaling the dry hop...
  2. Seaside brew

    Greg Hughes, mild

    Morning brewers, just after a bit of advice. I’m planning on brewing the mild recipe from the Greg Hughes home brew beer book but I was thinking of using pale malt instead of mild malt, cause I don’t have any! and also increasing that to 3.5kg to up the abv a bit. Will this be ok or will I need...
  3. Seaside brew

    Geterbrewed payment problems

    Afternoon.. trying to order some grain form geterbrewed as the malt miller have shut there site for grain orders for the time being. It’s letting me go through check out then when I go to pay it’s coming up with a wrong billing steet error? Has anyone else experienced this and know how to...
  4. Seaside brew

    Brew builder

    Aftenoon.... I ordered some parts from brew builder on Thursday evening to make an electric boil kettle and have had no email etc to say when I can expect delivery of the parts. Does anybody on here have any experience with dealing with this company? When I check my order status it's still...
  5. Seaside brew

    Overly sweet elderflower wine

    Good morning people... I made a 2 gallon batch of elderflower wine mid may. Tried a bottle yesterday. It’s too sweet for my taste. It did finish a bit high. I’m going to blend some with a blackberry and elderberry wine I’ve got fermenting at the moment once it’s done but I was wondering if...
  6. Seaside brew

    Simply brown ale, dry hop recommendations please.

    good morning people, I stuck a simply brown ale kit on yesterday to keep stock levels up. Can anyone recommend a hop to dry hop this kit with?? Thanks in advance.
  7. Seaside brew

    Brewmaster ben

    Any one on here watched any of Ben’s vids on you tube? I’m sorry one of these jump on the bandwagon home brewers who started getting involved during a four week period off work during lock down. I’m loving it now.... back to the point, does anybody on here know that bloke?? I really enjoyed his...
  8. Seaside brew

    Willis Mexican cerveza, turbo cider tasting *****!!

    Hello people, after some input/ advice? I mixed up/ brewed a Wilko Mexican cerveza kit about a 2 weeks ago that I brewed short to 20 liters and went mostly dextrose, 1kg and 250g of light DME to try and give it the taste the old woman likes as in holsten/ 1664 . Tiny dry hop of 10g saaz cause...
  9. Seaside brew

    Hello people.. new here.

    Hello everybody on the forum. What a brilliant insight to brewing this site has been to me. Haven't really felt the need to post yet as I've been able to search up most things I've needed but have to check in most days. Only brewing kits at the moment. Got a ferm fridge controling temps with an...