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  1. LeeH

    Brewing Disaster.

    Top tip, don’t in your haste forget to clip on the spunding valve on your fermzilla. BOOM! I now have 20L of passion fruit sour all over the garage floor and a very stinky and sticky FV fridge. *sad face. She’s not a pretty sight.
  2. LeeH

    As New Keg x2

    Not a mark on them. 70 posted each.
  3. LeeH

    1/2 hop filter 1m long.

  4. LeeH

    #53 Lallemand Passion Fruit Sour Pitch.

    Today’s and Sunday’s adventure. Batch #53 - #53 Lallemand Passion Fruit Sour Pitch - Electric Brewing Co Brewfather
  5. LeeH

    Awesome Brewfather Update!

    AMS/DWB in the water calculator. Battery level for iSpindel/Float/Tilt.
  6. LeeH

    Using AMS to treat water for star san

    Maybe a daft question, but I currently use DI water to bulk mix star san. Can AMS be used for the same effect? My TDS measured well over 400 today.
  7. LeeH

    Supermarket Oats vs Simpsons Golden Oats

    Do you think there would be any discernible difference between them both in a variety of styles from an Oatmeal stout to a NEIPA. Naked golden oats 2.85/kg Tesco Scottish porridge oats 1/kg
  8. LeeH

    #52 Voss Kviek Pale Ale

    Tomorrow's brew, first time using Kviek. It certainly adds a cost onto a batch! 2 packets @ 4 pounds a pop. :?: https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/product/lallemand-voss-11g-kveik-beer-yeast/ https://share.brewfather.app/m3bZOKCXGVWZkV
  9. LeeH

    Slow RO

    I have purchased a 4 stage RO system that I thought was oversized @ 100GPD or 455L/day. 455L/day = 19L/h I collected 1957ml of RO water and 6783 of waste making it 22.4% efficient which is a little under the googles average of 25%. The issue is 8L/h is only 192L/day! TDS is moderately high @...
  10. LeeH

    LeeH's Stupid Water Treatment Questions.

    I'll have loads of water treatment questions as I dip my toe into this area instead if using the broad brush strokes of the Murphy's CRS and DWB recommendations. My water and next recipe 👇 https://share.brewfather.app/uoT5A7f9t3Lboj As you can see I cannot adjust the water with additions to...
  11. LeeH

    Snow Day Brew Day.

    Anybody else having one? I’m currently in the garage cleaning the BM for it’s maiden voyage.
  12. LeeH


    Since downsizing I only need 1 now. 80 posted.
  13. LeeH

    Fellow Sodastream Refillers.

    Is anybody having difficulty in refilling some bottles. Do some have anti fill devices on them? I have 2 bottles that will not refill, but the hold pressure OK. The bottles were frozen and the donor bottle inverted.
  14. LeeH

    Inkbird WiFi

    Used with hot snot glue on the back but works perfectly £30 posted.
  15. LeeH

    Inkbird Standard

    NEW, never used. £23 posted.
  16. LeeH

    Inkbird WIFI

    Never used. £30 posted.
  17. LeeH

    Dual Secondary

    Used with 2 new gauges. £50 posted.
  18. LeeH

    Dual Reg

    In a perfect condition. £50 posted.
  19. LeeH


    All taps are in used but unmarked condition. 1. Pelick flow control with 4” shank. £65 2. Perlick flow control with 4” shank £65 3. Intertap flow control with 4” shank £45 posted 4. Intertap with 4” shank £35 posted
  20. LeeH

    Free Fridge. North Lincs

    A tatty but working fridge. No heater or controller. Contactless handover for the concerned.