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  1. John Galt

    Is this mould? White bits!

    On Monday I began a 6 bottle beverdale merlot. Filled it up to under the 4.5litre to give it some space, came in today and can see these wee white bits that I’m hoping isn’t mould? They are pretty small wee spots, hope you can see from pic, any ideas? Have topped it up now and it’s fermenting...
  2. John Galt

    New Years resolution anyone?

    Anyone having a New Years resolution or are we just all glad 2020 is about to be done and hopefully 2021 is the light at the end of the tunnel? I quit the fags 7 years ago and vaped like a trooper since. So mine is to get of this dummy tit as I find it abit embarrassing being a human haze...
  3. John Galt

    Wineworks superior Sav blanc review

    This is the 3rd kit I have done since October, so getting the hang of it quite good now. The starter kit I got came with the choice from the premium range which is 5litre of grape juice for 23ltr, it chose the merlot then realised that whites might turn out better. The merlot I have to say was...
  4. John Galt

    Awright fae Glasgow

    Hi everyone. Been getting fantastic knowledge from the forum, so thought id join and stop just being a spook. Currently doing wines mostly as that’s why I prefer to drink at home.