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  1. latchy

    First try at a Lager kit

    Hi All, Having dipped my toe into the HomeBrew World with some grapes off my vine a couple of years back, without a very good outcome(it got drank), I tried a kit recently with a much better outcome, as a result I got a Pilsner kit and a liquid malt enhancer from the sponsor on the right here...
  2. latchy

    First attempt wine kit

    Hi, Got all the gear but no idea. I made my 1st wine kit on Sunday, so its been fermenting for a couple of days now but no bubbles in the air lock, Have puy too much water in the airlock maybe?
  3. latchy

    Purple grape Juice

    Hi there, The vine in my greenhouse has got several bunches this year, the first harvest since I planted it 4 years ago, I know very little about making wine and even less about keeping a vine. Some basic equipment has been purchased but there wont be enough grapes to make enough juice to fill...
  4. latchy


    Hi there I'm latchy aka Tony or Anthony if I've been naughty! The reason I'm here is due to the grapevine in the greenhouse a chardonnay according to the label on it in Aldi. I suspect it may not be as described. But no matter the aim is to make a couple of bottles from its harvest. As a...