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  1. JFB

    Squeezing the hop bag😱

    What's the procedure with a big dry hop schedule? Very rarely dry hop with over 100g of hops. Recently made a punk clone that had 320g of dry hops! I decided to use a small biab bag to hop. Lifting this out the fv and squeezing all the beer out was a bit of a drama. Had flash backs of all the...
  2. JFB

    Beer swap reviews

    A place to share bottle swap reviews. Post away 👍
  3. JFB

    Is there a general review thread?

    I know quite a few on here swap bottles. Is there one thread where all can post reviews on those beers? I've got a couple from @samale be nice to post up somewhere.. And read others reviews.
  4. JFB

    Apple tree wood

    Just cut down a apple tree from the garden. There Will be various spoons and kitchen equipment made. Still plenty left. Thinking I should dry some and scorch for beer production. Has anyone much experience? Be shame to just end up on the fire..
  5. JFB


    So back in June I brewed my Christmas beer. Based on a clone of 'st Berndard'. It turned out a bit stronger than expected at 12.8%. Sadly it didn't carb. I suspect the high alcohol killed the yeast. The beer is great and I've been happy with it as it is. But I'd love to try it a little bit...
  6. JFB

    Jams, Marmalade, Chutneys, Pickle's & Ferments

    What have you and families been up to? Or got a question on what aromatics to put in your Sauerkraut? Do I need pectin for Jackfruit jam? And how about a pineapple Kimchi?? Post here👍
  7. JFB

    Hop alpha acids

    Anyone know how you can guage the alpha acids of home grown hops? First year's crop I just used for late additions. Last autumn had a bumper crop of EKG, so need to use them up. My latest porter I wanted about 30 ibu's. Estimated about 6% in the recipe builder.. not convinced i hit 30 ibu's??
  8. JFB

    Keg regulator dial problem

    Hi all, the back screen of my regulator has moved and won't go pass 20 psi.. Anything I can do about it??
  9. JFB

    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    Would anyone be interested in baking there first (or hundredth) sourdough loaf?? Think it could be fun for a few of us to real time produce a loaf. I'd be happy to start with making a starter and coach you through the process to go on and bake a loaf. With loads of pics of course. Anyone...
  10. JFB

    Christmas day food pics☃️

    Any food pics from today 🎄 Sourdough bread for the day..
  11. JFB

    Secret Santa Presents

    Show us yours.. Mine is cool, except it doesn't seem to work 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. JFB

    The Mixed Fermentation Thread

    There seems to a few of us making mixed fermentation beers and even more interested in starting out. So I thought a general thread on the subject may work?? Would be great to hear what people are up to. Pass advice and encouragement on to each other. Photos I love photos especially of...
  13. JFB

    Putting together a amber ale?

    I'm wanting to make a nice red hoppy ale. Is it as simple as getting your EBC's correct or is there more?
  14. JFB

    Abbey Malt

    Anyone used it? was wondering on rates of inclusion.. Malt miller says up to 50%. So I was thinking of playing it safe with 25% Abbey - 75% pilsner and some sugar. Would be interested to here of any of your experiences with the stuff. Was thinking its something close to aromatic malt, but not...
  15. JFB

    Co-op Adnams crystal rye ipa 50p

    My local co-op is selling off adnams crystal rye ipa for 50p a tin usually £1.99.. Don't know if its all co-ops, but mine is know empty:beer6:
  16. JFB

    Brett dreggs

    Anyone know if the dregs from a couple my brett beers will be enough to inoculate a new batch of beer after primary fermentation with brewers yeast? Or is it best to just shell out and buy a fresh vial?
  17. JFB

    Sour Beer Dregs

    Hi all, Anyone know what sour beers are bottle conditioned and available over here? I racked a beer fermented with wlp655 into secondary last night and would like to add some dregs. Looking at the bottle conditioned beer thread I see that Cantillon would be suitable. Not sure if I can source...
  18. JFB


    Has anyone had success brewing with limes? My misses had a raspberry and lime crush beer the other day and it was epic!! My raspberry beers come out well, so was thinking of adding peel and flesh to the beer. Just not sure when and how many??
  19. JFB

    Bretts not kicked in

    Three weeks ago I added a vale of brett brux to 23l of brown ale that I had fermented down to 1015. Took a reading yesterday after coming back off my hols and nothing has happened?? I've now gone ahead and added 3k of blackberries from local hedge rows. What to do now? Be more patient or add...
  20. JFB

    Happy paying tv licence?

    What's your views? Don't think ive had the tv on for 5 weeks now and then it was Netflix. I am now listening to six music so maybe a hypocrite but I resent paying for the bbc crew going to glasto and having it so easy. I would happily knock the beeb on the head and just pay for Netflix and...