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  1. Deathstar

    Go to grains and hops

    Thanks all, looks like we are all on the same wavelength, 75% of what you have advised is what I have in my basket. I am going down the Golden Promise base malt route for a change and in the 25kg sack.
  2. Deathstar

    Go to grains and hops

    What are your go to grains and hops that you always have in your inventory. I am putting a bulk order in, and I am looking for suggestions, Pale malt I am good with, it’s the “others” you have? Cascade/Citra/Magnum and Target is what I already have.
  3. Deathstar

    smelly cider

    My cider stunk when I made it the summer, but time is your friend.
  4. Deathstar

    The Political Compass

    Here is mine, another lefty.....lol
  5. Deathstar


    I am planning a brew in the morning, and I am potentially going to modify the GH Northern Brown Ale, with higher amounts of Chocolate Malt and a small amount of Dark Malt (recipe attached) However I am in the lookout for some ideas, attached you will see my current inventory of anyone has any...
  6. Deathstar

    Greg Hughes recipes

    I really liked the Weissbier and will be doing it again. Very good flavours.
  7. Deathstar

    Famous and great pictures.

    This one is the first one I thought of.
  8. Deathstar

    Failed bottle priming

    I found it has taken around 6 weeks for my Barley Wine to carb up. I was worried at one point, so I inverted them all a couple of times and they are now going to be ideal for Christmas.
  9. Deathstar

    Temp control in a shed...in winter

    As @Clint says a brew fridge is the easiest, I use the inkbird with heat mat with no issues.
  10. Deathstar

    Oh it's busy

    All sorted, seemed to be a status issue. Item collected today .
  11. Deathstar

    Heat belt to bottle condition?

    I bottle carb mine under the dining room table, away from feet.
  12. Deathstar

    Oh it's busy

    I placed a click and collect order, but it says it’s been collected? I have also dropped you and email. 👍
  13. Deathstar

    Which Hydrometer/Refractometer?

    I have a refractometer for sale, that I got from Brew2Bottle in the summer. I just can’t get on with it.
  14. Deathstar

    Greg Hughes recipes

    Just tried my Yorkshire Bitter after a week in the bottle. I must say it’s rather nice, it came out a little stronger than expected, but I will be brewing it again. Todays brew was the Summer Ale, as I am after a lighter one for Christmas to go with the Barley Wine chaser. ;)
  15. Deathstar

    Lakeland breweries

    I’d be going to the Black Bill in Coniston, they have their own brewery out the back. Their beers are a bit more traditional, but very nice.
  16. Deathstar

    Broadband FTTC, FTTP, Gfast etc.

    I have just migrated to Virgin, I was on FTTC, but on a longish copper line so was getting 55/14. In all honesty the speed I have now, is more than I needed, however the deal was too good to refuse. Full TV package, with the top BB package in the area, full phone and unlimited data mobile sim.
  17. Deathstar

    Greg Hughes recipes

    I am just kicking off the Yorkshire bitter this morning, don’t have the correct yeast, so going with S04, so wish me luck.
  18. Deathstar

    Grainfather Reviews

    I just spliced mine in, no issues.
  19. Deathstar

    Grainfather Reviews

    I have one abs find it really good, it keeps things simple and I now create less mess. I like the delayed start for the brew, so I can set it all up the night before, and it will be heating the water as I get up. The only real grievance I have with it is those silicone seals. I get them in...
  20. Deathstar

    Apple iPhone users warned about 'orange dot' on screen - Here's what it means

    My thoughts are that apple are now highlighting this is happening, whereas in the past it was hidden. A thumbs up for me for privacy, and indicating there may be a sneaky app.