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  1. jaymondo

    best day ever? impromptu brewday

    got up on sunday to be told by swmbo "i'm going out for the day, but i expect you to get the grass cut today as the kids keep getting lost in it." and off she went. as soon as the door clicked shut, i thought brewday :thumb: so headed straight into the brewery (garage) filled and turned on the...
  2. jaymondo

    hlt temp control?

    i've been thinking about adding temp control to my hlt, its a 50l pot with a 3kw immersion heater. i've found this on ebay and just wanted to check whether its suitable before i buy. :thumb:
  3. jaymondo

    sunday......the best day of the week?

    a few pics from sundays brewday...... maris otter 7100g 81% wheat malt 900 g 10.3% amber malt 540g 6.2% chocolate malt 220g 2.5% 90 min mash @ 68* sparging collecting the runnings 75 min boil with hop additions:- challenger 45g 40% 75mins fuggles...
  4. jaymondo

    bad weather day!!

    went to work this morning with good intentions of getting lots done. then at 10:30 the rains came, not good when trying to re-roof someones home. by 1 o,clock i was soaking wet and in a bad mood so went home and decided to cheer myself up by getting a brew on :thumb: 7000g maris otter 850g...
  5. jaymondo

    2nd ag on the go

    the wifes out for the day so i decided to get my second ag brew on the go ;) having a go at a wheat beer just incase we get any summer weather this year :pray: 3500g pale malt 3500g wheat malt 500g carapills strike temp 75c now mashing at 65c good day so far!!
  6. jaymondo

    hello and thanks

    ok, i've been reading the forum for a while now and have read some great advice as i've been building my new shinny brewery :twisted: although i started brewing kits about 20 years ago with an old boots kit, i packed the equipment away after about 4 years as we were doing some building work and...