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  1. micklupulo

    Finings and clearing

    I should have said that the sample was taken merely to check progress and the target FG is 1010 though 1012 would give target ABV of 4.2%. Unfortunately I can't move the brew which is in a spare bedroom (upstairs) to a colder place when the time comes but at the rate it is going it will have...
  2. micklupulo

    Finings and clearing

    I too have a query on finings. After a break of 16 years with AG I am in the process of doing the Dark Rock AG tribute to St Austell Tribute. Hit OG target bang on at 1045 and yesterday on taking a sample it was at 1020 and surprisingly clear. I want a clear pint eventually but do wonder whether...
  3. micklupulo

    Advice/inspiration needed

    Oh dear I posed the question on here on Saturday about whether a wand would fit the tap and you have supplied the answer and sorry to see your predicament. Would a wide siphon tube fit into the tap with the wand plus plastic adaptor fit inside the other end? One way or another it's a case of...
  4. micklupulo

    Bag for biab

    Sorry to come back on this five years on but I too am thinking of putting a microwave stand in the bottom of my Electrim bin for mashing tomorrow but just wonder if there are any likely adverse consequences for leaving it in for the boil as it is all happening in the same vessel.
  5. micklupulo

    What's a good FV to use

    They do look interesting but the nozzle on the tap is perhaps too wide for a bottling wand adaptor and depending on exactly how big the aperture on the top is the nooks and crannies at the bottom might be difficult to clean. Would like to hear of anyone's experience though.
  6. micklupulo

    What's a good FV to use

    I have two plastic FVs about 6 years old one with a tap I fitted to make bottling easier and for AG a 36 year old Electrim bin on which I have just managed to replace a leaky tap with a new one from Peco services in Cumbria who gave an excellent service.
  7. micklupulo

    Mangrove Jacks Irish Stout February Giveaway

    Only just seen this so count me in please and I hope I'm not too late especially as my name is about as Irish as you can get!
  8. micklupulo

    Coopers Irish Stout Review

    Not wishing to compete in any way but to reinforce what you say with a shot of mine at 18 months old and keeping one that long required some will power!
  9. micklupulo

    How long have you been brewing for?

    Yes and can quote him " I've set the town of Boozledon awash with beer and wine For years I've been brewing it was always tax free Though it wasn't really legal 'till the year of '63" For those who don't know Boozledon was Basildon. I was given his book and even at that time it was a relic of...
  10. micklupulo

    Tangerine Extract

    I have never done this but know that others have used orange peel to create an orange flavour so presumably the same technique could be used with tangerine. I recall that the method is to peel the fruit carefully to avoid the the pith then sterilise the strips in vodka. The peel is held water at...
  11. micklupulo

    MJ Helles - Batch Priming

    Just realised you probably didn't realise my earlier posts were in reply to yours and by "this kit" I meant MJ Helles Lager!
  12. micklupulo

    Bottle colour

    Yes it's a vile taste.
  13. micklupulo

    MJ Helles - Batch Priming

    Should have been a bit clearer but I obviously meant a half tsp of sugar per bottle!
  14. micklupulo

    MJ Helles - Batch Priming

    I did this kit last year but didn't batch prime as I usually bottle direct from the FV to reduce the likelihood of any contamination or oxidation. I used a plastic half teaspoon measure of sugar very slightly rounded up; in other words a slightly generous half tsp. The first picture will give...
  15. micklupulo

    What kit beer are you drinking tonight?

    I bottled this six weeks ago and whilst promising still seems a bit green. How long should I need to wait before it comes good?
  16. micklupulo

    Favourite dry hop for cheap lager kit

    I have been wondering about using citra with a pale ale but recently had a bottle of Ghost Ship which is citra based and which I really did not enjoy whereas Oakham Citra is a favourite of mine. If you are familiar with both can you tell me which gives the more typical flavour?
  17. micklupulo

    Favourite dry hop for cheap lager kit

    The problem is that these things are so subjective because people's tastes are so different. I did a Coopers Australian Lager and dry hopped with 25gms of Hallertau Hersbrucker and bottled it on 12th November. For me it is over hopped at present and I am hoping it will smooth off a bit in a few...
  18. micklupulo

    Beerworks President's Sierra American Pale Ale review

    I have what might be a silly question about this kit which I note has 50gms of Citra hops. There must be at least one solid fan on here of Adnams Ghost Ship which uses Citra hops and which to put it mildly is not to my taste. On the other hand I find Oakham Citra whether draft or in bottle to be...