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  1. Griff097

    Carbonation cap

    I bought a Carbonation cap, wrongly thinking it would screw into my intertap to aid bottling off the keg, but it has a a male coupler with a seal on it, any suggestions. I am sure I saw a video with someone bottling straight off the tap with something like this.
  2. Griff097

    Mobile App Android?

    Is there an App for Android phones? I am having a strange problem where I get a no service notification for this forum only, I can try several times then try another site and get straight on there, Google lags when searching things also, but can't get on here at all unless on WiFi?
  3. Griff097


    I have serched and read loads about efficiency and come across another term brewhouse efficiency and in an effort to improve mine, instead of enlightening myself I am getting more confused. In essence I have brewed all grain kits on an all in one machine, Klarstein, which developed some faults...
  4. Griff097

    Long time lurker

    Well I have been on here a few years, read a load of information back then and decided to jump straight into AG, bought second hand kit, then banned from using the house Lol Have now had the time to organise a dedicated brew area and got the first three brews on the weekend, an Irish Stout, an...
  5. Griff097

    Chocolate Porter help

    Ok, so I am green as grass with brewing and I have been searching the forum and the net trying to find a supplier for all grain Chocolate Porter kits. Am I being a numpty, do you have to buy all the different components separately or is there a supplier for crushed grain kits? I enjoy a...
  6. Griff097

    Ace PCB Switch

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the Ace/Klarstein micro brewery unit? The PCB control switch has broken on mine, going to look on ebay for a replacement, but was going to work out if I can link it out in the short term? Also looking for a link to a replacement, surprisingly my searches are...